Hi Cosmo!! ……… I’ve got a new friend :)

I have a lot to thank Cosmo for already…….he lives next door to my new home and it was because he’s such an awesome dog that my new family decided to get a Bearded Collie, they looked at lots of different breeds, mainly non-shedding ones, but always kept coming back to how cool Cosmo was, as they’d spent a lot of time with him, so they did a shedding test, which apparently involved having him in the house for a while to see how much he shed and luckily he passed and they started searching for me……I want Cosmo to be my best friend……I met him for the first time today, I can’t leave him alone, I’m just so in awe of him, I think it may be a bit much for him, all this attention, I may have to play it a little cooler, but he’s my hero………:)

Watch us playing together……
YouTube Preview Image


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