See, I knew we were going somewhere……

On Friday afternoon there was a lot of fussing going on at home, things were getting packed, lists were getting ticked and the kids were getting excited!!  I may only be a little puppy but I knew something was about to happen, especially as I saw my things getting packed too, mum thought I didn’t see her scooping up bags of my food, but I heard her!

Mum put me in the car and off we went, hold on, where’s everyone else?  We arrived at the doghouse, where I’d been to play a couple of times, Yay!  I was so excited I rushed into the reception, made a big fuss of everyone and I was trying to get through the gate to go inside when mum kept trying to give me a hug, sorry mum I don’t have time for this now, plus my doggy friends are watching!

Humans can’t stay here, so mum had to go, shame, as it’s so much fun, I guess they’ll have to find something else to do for the weekend…..

I had such an amazing weekend, I made a new best friend called Danny, he was a Box Terrier and he only had 3 legs, but he could run just like me and we played together all weekend….

Before I knew it mum and dad were there to pick me up, I have no idea where they’d been, but I heard them saying something about there being lots of cats at their friends house, whatever!  It was nice to see them, but I was sad to leave……

I didn’t think I looked or smelt too bad, but I never do!?

I was so exhausted though, I hadn’t realised how tired I was as I was so busy playing……mum could tell I had a good time as I looked tired and she said I smelt like I’d had a good time, whatever that meant, I know it ended up meaning I had a bath as soon as I got home and then…….zzzzzzzz

Looking not so enthused about my walk around the block to air dry after my bath!
Luckily I dry really fast! :)

I think Dinosaur must have had a busy weekend too, he looks wiped out!

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