Snoopy is not impressed with his first dog show……

I’d been excited all day about going to a dog show, I so wanted to know what it was all about and see all the dogs parading around, oh, what a let down!!

Mum even gave me another brushing before we left to make sure I was looking nice and flufffy, I didn’t mind as I wanted to look my best for this special occasion…..

Me looking all fluffy and excited ! ;)

Mum, can I bring my bone too?

She put me in the car and off we went, it was only a ten minute drive away, when we got there I could hear some dogs so I guessed we were at the show…….

Me controlling my excitement
until I was out of my harness!

I saw the ring, I guess this is where you have to show off the special skills you’ve learnt, but wait!! It’s empty!!

A very empty show ring?

Actually, there aren’t many dogs here considering it’s a dog show, there’s only a few over in the corner, they look very pretty and they’re having their pictures taken with trophies, wow!!  I’m starting to think a trophy would look good on top of my crate! :)

Me dreaming I could be with the
dogs getting a trophy!

Oh no!!  Mum has just realised what’s happened, we’re too late!!  They’ve just finished!!  The show is over!!  Oh mum!!  Never mind, mum just told me it’s on again tomorrow and she’ll bring me back in the morning to make sure we don’t miss it this time…… I was so close to checking out my first dog show, I’ll just have to wait a little longer…….:)
I guess we’re going home then?
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