How could he resist falling in love with me? :)

Mum told me that one of the many reasons for getting me was because Cory (aged 10) was scared of dogs and she didn’t want him to grow up missing out on the joy us furry guys can bring…..:)

When mum would bring over Cosmo (next doors Beardie), Cory couldn’t even stroke him although he thought he was cool!  Over time mum started to bring Cosmo to school when she collected Cory and they walked back home together, all this time they were looking for me and eventually found me…..

Cory really wasn’t fussed at first whether I joined the family or not, that’s until he saw my picture and my little blue eyes, at this point he wanted to call me Snoopy as he’s got lots of Snoopy toys, mum totally supported this idea as she loves Snoopy too! :)  Dad came round I believe when he decided he could call me Snoop Dog! :)

Cory then went into planning mode and wanted to ensure they had everything ready for my arrival……. they sure did, and it was really easy for me to settle in…..

Here’s me discovering one of Cory’s Snoopy’s :)


It’s taken a long time (well 4.5 months) for Cory and I to completely bond, I probably didn’t help by chasing him and biting his ankles to start with, but I don’t know what sheep look like and it felt right to do that! :)

I can be your pillow……:)

I’ve heard Cory say that I’m the most awesome dog and he loves walking to school and back with me each day and he’s really proud of me when all the other children ask if I’m his dog!  He even has dreams about me, he told us that in one dream we were all on the red carpet because of me and that they made a new dollar bill with my face on instead of the presidents and I looked cute with my tongue hanging out! :)  Wow, now that would be something!

I’m so happy that Cory and I are friends and I can make him smile too! :)

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