Cats have sharp claws…..

Cats are still proving to be a mystery to me……I’m very friendly to them, but no matter what I do they don’t seem to want to play, in fact they can be quite rude!

What I also don’t understand is how they’re allowed to have such sharp claws?  When I was a little puppy I had really sharp claws, but no-one seemed to be happy about that.

Mum used to try and file them, that was not fun! (for either of us!).  Since I’ve been running and walking with mum for the last few months, it seems I don’t need my nails filing anymore.  If cats are outside playing lots, how come they still have such sharp claws?  I can even feel their claws through my vast layers of fur!

How come I can't have sharp claws but cats can?

I’m learning (the hard way), to tread carefully with them……

YouTube Preview Image

I’m a brave puppy though, so I keep on trying when I meet another cat…..

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe I should just give up?


  1. Snoopy, Spike and Dru have tried for a year now to play with the four cats in our house. It’s a losing battle. They, like you, learned the hard way to steer clear of them. However, every so often they forget and will chase one (just to play, of course) and it never ends well for Spike and Dru.

    I was watching your video and Spike and Dru heard you barking and now they think I have another dog in the house with me!
    Helen recently posted..Happy Friday Video – Christmas Edition Part 2My Profile

    • Helen,

      I know how Spike and Dru feel, I can’t tell the difference between the noises that come out of the computer or mums phone and real life either…….I don’t care about any other dogs barking outside except when I hear Cosmo. I always run to the window and bark back to him. When I hear him on video I get all excited too. Yesterday mum played that cat video and I heard myself barking on the video and I got all excited, sometimes I get all confused……

      Woofs to Spike and Dru :)

  2. Snoopy
    Be glad you don’t share your yard with 15 or so cats like I have to do. Some of them are O.K. but most of them do not like me at all. The fat one in the garage is cool though.

    • Hey April (and Leroy),

      So cool to hear from you sis…….I had know idea you lived with 15 cats!! Wow, that just blows my mind!! I think you probably learnt pretty quickly that cats aren’t dogs….it’s cool that some of them are your friends, I would love to have some cat friends, they look like fun and I’m sure they’re pretty cuddly really…..

      Your brother Snoopy,
      PS – I hope Santa stops by to visit you :)

  3. This is such an adorable blog! As the owner of two very sharp clawed cats I know how you feel, I hope you and the cat get along soon!
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    • Hi Harriet,

      Thanks so much for visiting, I love making new friends :) I haven’t given up on cats yet……I think I just have to purrrfect my technique with them…..tee hee…..:)

      Hope you’re having a great day,

      Snoopy :)


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