I don’t think I need this Dog Crate anymore…..

Do I really still need a Dog Crate?

I think I’m done with this Dog Crate, I believe some dogs like crates and think they’re like a cave, well not me!……When I have to go in the crate I’m pretty good, but that doesn’t mean I like it…..Mum still has to lure me in there with a treat…..

So far, my plan is working and I’m slowly convincing Mum and Dad I don’t need it, I don’t have to sleep in it at night now, I also now get to sit in my bed in the car with my harness on…..

I don't think I need to be behind bars anymore.....:)

I can’t think of any other time I need it…….when mum goes out I can just potter around the house, I can be trusted!  What kind of mischief could I possibly get into….. :)  Time to dismantle the crate, I think……

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  1. Okay…Snoopy…The Blues Brothers asked me to chime in on their behalf. They both LOVE to be crated….although, per their request, I don’t close it. I leave it open so they can come and go as they please…and they really enjoy being in it. Not sure why…I think I am with you in that I wouldn’t want to be in the crate…but they don’t seem to mind. In fact they seem to prefer it. So maybe you can negotiate on some “crate terms” that you can all live with : )
    Rachel @ PawPurrry recently posted..Comb Please!My Profile

    • Hey Rachel,

      Glad to get some advice from the Blues brothers, this little pup will take all the advice I can get…..:)

      Crate open? hmmmmm, that’s an interesting thought…..the only time I ever go in there when it’s open is to get my toys out that I’ve left behind……crate door open when mum goes out would be nice…..I always know when she’s home as I hear the garage door, so I could even run from the sofa (that’s probably where I’d hang out) back into the crate and she’d think I’d been there the whole time…..I like where this is going…..tee hee


  2. Oh bless! I know how your dog feels, our smallest cat was in a cage for 3 months earlier this year because of a broken pelvis. It was also good to keep him out of trouble!
    Harriet recently posted..Write Off DebtMy Profile

    • Hey Harriet,

      I’m glad to hear your cat is better now……say hi to him from me……I know he wouldn’t let me anywhere near him…..:) I don’t know what you mean about trouble, I don’t know that word, I only know about fun…..tee hee…..:)

      Hope you’re having a great day,

      Snoopy :)

  3. Oh Snoops, you broke free! Life on the outside is much better, huh?

    Your friends: Mr. Cool, Little Weirdo and Kitty Baby

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