Letter to Santa…..

Hi there Santa,

As I’m sure you know this is my first Xmas Santa and apparently I need to write a letter to you…..just as well I can type :)

Cory is writing his letter as well, but it seems Carly is too old?  Do you just do it through telepathy once you become a teenager?  I’m puzzled…..

Anyway, I believe it’s important to tell you I’ve been good, well of course I have, mum tells me often that I’m the best little puppy in the whole world!!….:)

I think I also have to put this letter into a special mailbox……

Special delivery for Santa

What would I like?

Well, I would have asked for a sofa, but now I’ve got my new bed (I didn’t even have to wait until Xmas for that!:), so let’s see…..

1) I’d really like a dog flap in the fence between our house and Cosmo’s – that way we could hang out with each other whenever we wanted, it’s not much fun hearing him and knowing he’s just over the fence and I can’t go and play whenever I want to……


2) I think I’d like a new hair clip as mine’s getting a bit small and my hair keeps falling out…..

3) I’d really like to beat Eric at something next year – you see Santa, he’s my little brother and it’s kind of embarrassing that he keeps beating me (do you do wishes as well as presents?)

Apart from that I think I’ve got it pretty good and I can always make toys out of anything! tee hee…..so maybe you could give the rest of the goodies to the children or doggys who don’t have as many toys…..:)

Lots of love from Snoopy :)

PS – I’m going to leave you some of my yummy carrots for the reindeers :)


  1. Aww Snoopy you are so sweet :) I hope all your wishes are granted this Christmas!
    Stacy and Ellie recently posted..The Results are in! Ellies DNA broken downMy Profile

  2. Thanks Stacy and Ellie,

    Really happy you came to visit my site :) Yep, I have all my paws crossed for Xmas day……it can’t be too much longer to wait now!


  3. Love the picture of you at the window! Hope you get everything you ask for, you are much less demanding than you buddies Spike and Dru!
    Helen recently posted..Pictures of the Week – The Making of a Christmas Card or not…My Profile

  4. I’m certain that Santa will be very good to you, Snoopy! You definitely are a Good Boy (on the nice list, not the naughty list).

    When I was a little pup and lived in a different house (in a different state) my best friend Debbie lived next door (a beautiful black lab puppy). Our houses were very far apart, because we had a large property and Debbie’s yard was even bigger (I had an acre, she had 7 acres). But our mamas’ put in a gate between our properties so we could see each other all the time, without the hassle of walking down our long drive, down the street and up their long drive. It was very convenient! I hope you get your gateway to Cosmos :)

    “commentary to give you paws…”
    Heidi Alberti & Atticus Uncensored recently posted..Dog Attacks Bullies! well- at least in writingMy Profile

    • Hey Atticus,

      It was cool to hear your story about hanging out with Debbie……yep, I get to play with Cosmo a lot but it would be awesome if we had one big garden to play in together whenever we wanted……paws crossed….

      What would you like for Xmas Atticus?

      Lots of woofs to you,


  5. I actually think you are a teensy bit naughty Snoopy – but in a nice way and I’m sure you get your wishes – though maybe not the doggie door -lol. Ozzie and Roxy want more balls and toys for Christmas – in their view you can never have enough!!!! Ozzie in aprticular wants this mum to increase their walks to an hour from half an hour – actually he said 5 hours but there’s no way – lol.
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears and Frontiers Over Fifty
    Louise Edington recently posted..Tubby Tuesday 5 with Louise EdingtonMy Profile

    • Hi Louise,

      I hope Ozzie and Roxy have been good and get their Xmas wishes, 5 hour walks would even be too much for me and I love going out, so I’m with you on that one……mum takes me running with her which I love and we often go and see my friends at the park, I know the route to the park, so if mum gets lost sometimes I remind her which way we need to go…..:)

      Say hi to Ozzie and Roxy :)

  6. Snoopy, you seem like such a sweet and innocent dog, I’m sure Santa will be good to you!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

  7. Cosmo has the same wish about a dog flap in the fence
    This is awesome
    Merry Christmas


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