Snoopy the Dentist

Baby teeth, they’re just for babies…..I lost mine ages ago! I don’t understand why Dinosaur has still got his?  You’ve probably noticed I’ve got a lot of Dinosaur toys, that’s because Cory likes them and I get all his old toys…. I thought Dinosaurs were really old…….time to help him out…….

Dinosaur, it's time to grow up, you don't need those baby teeth, let me help you....

I’m pretty good at this, I know how to do a good job…..

YouTube Preview Image

Yay, I got three of them out for him, I was very gentle…..I don’t even think he felt it…..:)

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  1. Hey Snoopy, It’s your bro Eric. Looks like I’m not the only one who likes to take his toys apart.This morning I de-stuffed the big teddy bear my mom gave me a couple of days ago. You see, it works out real well: old toys out-new toys in ! Let’s face it bro, for us, everyday is Christmas ! Love, Eric.

    • Hey Eric Bro,

      So nice to hear from you, it sounds like you’re having lots of fun…!! Checking out the inside of the toys, I hadn’t thought of that? All my toys are still intact (well obviously apart from the few teeth which needed removing…..) :)

      Yep, it does feel like Christmas every day……I wonder if Santa will be visiting you too?

      Say hi to Molly and everyone else for me…..

      Your big bro Snoopy :)

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