Bearded Collie Property Laws

One of the great things about having your own blog as a puppy is that I’ve been really lucky to meet both dogs and humans who are willing to share their wisdom.  This is proving extremely valuable to me and saving me a lot of time.  It means I can also avoid making some of the rookie mistakes, well I hope so……I can also pass on this wisdom and educate mum as to how things need to be…..

Remember my struggles getting on the sofa? I thought I was on my own with that battle, but no, I got so much support I was able to get my very own bed……things have moved on from there as well, I actually think I’m justone step away from my ultimate goal of sitting on the sofa whenever I like!! :)

My version of the sofa bed!! Note how much of me isn't even actually IN the bed....tee hee!!

In the mail the other day I received a great gift from one of my Beardie friends Turner, who I know through my blog…….Turner is about a year or so older than me, but he’s pretty wise!  He gives me all kinds of advice…..

Cory is very impressed that I get my own mail, I get more than he does! :)

Some important advice arrives in the mail......

I got mum to help me open it, so I didn’t rip the contents…….when I saw what was inside I made sure mum read it too……..she needs to know the rules, as I don’t think she’s seen these…….

Thank you so much Turner, you’re such a great Buddy!!…….I’m going to keep this list handy, I think we definitely need to put a number 13 on here about the sofa!!  :)


  1. Snoopy, Turner’s rules are very funny, but don’t turn into a selfish puppy!! lol :)

    I am going to share with you a little scoop on proper peeing techniques for boy pups. I penned this piece late last spring when my Yorkie buddy, Little Paris Noel, got a new baby brother, Eiffel. I hope this adds to your puppy knowledge.

    See you around, bud!

    “commentary to give you paws…”
    Heidi Alberti & Atticus Uncensored recently posted..Why LieMy Profile

    • Hey Atticus,

      I hope you’re feeling better…..

      I don’t even know the meaning of the word selfish…..:). I even share my bone with Cosmo…..:)

      I’ll have to check out your advice

      Thanks buddy :)

  2. Snoopy I can’t see the list :(
    Louise Edington recently posted..I’ve Come A Long Way – Baby!My Profile

  3. Snoopy you are so adorable…you make me want a puppy even more. I can’t see your list either…;(

    Darcie Newton
    Darcie Newton recently posted..By- Automated BookmarkingMy Profile

  4. I’ve got a big blank spot on part of this post. I don’t think that’s Snoopy’s doing! Little pooches are not immune to tech problems, I see!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..What Are Your Questions Today No Answers RequiredMy Profile

  5. I was able to see the list second time round. Glad you got it sorted! This list is brilliant. I could have used this years ago in asserting myself as the one female in a house of males. Thanks.

    Fiona Stolze

    • Hi Fiona,

      Glad you were able to see it, yep, I’m also really happy I found this list…….life will never be the same again…..


  6. How cute, I love the list and the letter you have received from your friend. It’s nice to have those human beings help you open the mail :-)


    • Hey Franziska,

      Yep, every now and then I need a little help, I could have opened the letter, but the contents may not have been so readable after……


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