Carmel is the most dog friendly place I’ve ever been…….

Last weekend we decided to go and check out Carmel,  we’d heard it was super dog friendly…..Mum and Dad have been lots of times, but I’d never been before.  From the moment we arrived I could tell it was going to be fun!  There were lots of other dogs there, I guess word had got around about how cool it was? :)

I was allowed in all kinds of shops, including a clock shop that had some stuffed toys that came alive when you pressed a button, I had to be on my best behavior in there so I didn’t knock anything over, it was time to try and control my waggy tail!  No easy task!

I also really enjoyed the pet shop, they even had a self serve treat buffet just at eye level, for some reason though mum wouldn’t let me help myself – doh!  (Don’t tell her, but I managed to sneak one when she wasn’t looking…..tee hee…..)

This restaurant really was dog friendly

Maybe it was because I needed to save myself for my dinner at the restaurant?  Yes, I got to go to the restaurant too!  I’ve only been to a proper restaurant once before, so I was very excited!  I’d need to remember my manners!  I wondered what would be on the menu at the Forge in the Forest?

Notice the warning? I needed to behave.....:)

There were lots of other dogs there to hang out with too……

This was 4 year old Deacon, he liked to play, he was at the table next to me....:)

When Mum and Dad had finished their dinner, it was time for my dinner, after much consideration, I’d ordered the chicken!!

Look how much chicken I got......yum yum!!

They even brought me a bowl of iced water to wash it down with, I looooove ice…..

It didn't take long to finish my dinner.....

I think I did a pretty good job of cleaning the bowl, I don’t even think they needed to put it in the dishwasher!! :)

I believe Doris Day lives in Carmel and that she has been influential in the attitude towards animals in Carmel.  She is a huge animal lover – way to go Doris, I had a great day out!!

I’m thinking, maybe I could become a dog restaurant critic?  Hey, that seems like a great idea, eating out at fancy restaurants all the time – woof! :)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day Snoopy! WE found a town like that in Florida when we were on vacation, years ago. We always said when we open our store we’re going to allow dogs in and Spike and Dru will be our mascots.
    Helen recently posted..Andrew Throws Himself AwayMy Profile

    • Hi Helen,

      Yes it was a fantastic day, I was so pooped after we got home……:)

      I wonder what kind of store you’re opening? It sounds very exciting!! I’m sure Spike and Dru would make excellent mascots!!

      Your pal Snoopy


  2. This sounds like it was a lot of fun. I would love to take my dogs out like that but The Noisemakers (Jake & Ellwood) would alienate everyone with their cacophony of barking, and Suede’s tail would probably bring the whole town down – so a nice store with stuff on the shelves would probably not survive very long …she wags it so hard and so much….and she is always happy so it is always wagging….Hmmmm…..
    Rachel @ PawPurrry recently posted..Cant WaitMy Profile

    • Hey Rachel,

      Jake and Ellwood sound like lots of fun, but maybe a little too bullish to be in a china shop……it was a tough challenge for me too and both me and mum were relieved when we were outside and I hadn’t broken anything!! :) Wagging tails are the best though……

  3. Dog-friendly restaurants are the Tops!!! I love Carmel, but have never been to this particular restaurant — I Must go soon! Good choice with the chicken, by the way Snoopy :)

    Your bud

    “commentary to give you paws…”
    Heidi Alberti & Atticus Uncensored recently posted..Retreat- Recharge- Re-ReadMy Profile

    • Hey Atticus,

      Yep the chicken was great, did you see how much I got?? You should check out this place next time you go, hey, maybe we could even meet up, now that would be fun!! :)

      Your buddy Snoopy

  4. I love Carmel, and I think its wonderful having a place that enjoys pups. Glad you made a meal of it!

    Jennifer Duchene
    Home Makeover Mixtress
    Jennifer Duchene recently posted..Friday Focus- Interview with James SwanMy Profile

  5. Snoopy, you are adorable! I am so happy you had such a marvelous time in Carmel. That is one of my favorite cities to visit, too. I had no idea, though, that they were so dog friendly there! What a treat for you and your mom and dad.

    • Hi Donna,

      Yep, I would definitely like to go back to Carmel, I think there are lots more restaurants that I can check out too, plus I think there’s a cool beach for me to run on…..yay!!


  6. We’ll be in Carmel this summer/fall. We’ve read that it’s super dog-friendly…so glad that Snoopy gives it a stamp of approval. We’re making a note to stop at this restaurant!
    Lori @ According to Gus recently posted..Don’t Tell Gus…My Profile

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