Mum says I’ve turned into a fussy eater!

What’s a fussy eater?  I prefer to call myself a discerning eater!  I used to get all excited when I heard the word dinner mentioned and I behaved like a limpit to the person who’d said it – usually Mum.  I was taught to sit and wait until they put my bowl of kibble down on the floor and then I dived in and ate every last piece – yum yum!!  Well, I didn’t know any better!!

Now that I ‘m getting a bit older and wiser I decided to call mum’s bluff and see if I could get anything better than boring old kibble.  It did involve going hungry a few times (she was trying the tough love approach!), but now mum’s caved in and started putting meat, yes, real meat underneath the kibble!!  The only problem is I have to eat most of the kibble in order to get to it, doh!

See the meat hiding in there amongst the kibble......? yum, yum!!

I’ve got mum really confused with this behaviour…….

The problem now though, is that this card came in the mail a few days ago from the vets saying I needed a shot as it was 6 months since my last one.  I know she’s going to talk to the vet about my new eating habits at the same time, uh oh, I wonder what he’ll tell her?  Will I have to go back to boring old kibble and nothing else?  Maybe he’ll say I can have a vegetarian diet, I’m not sure about that, although mum read it can work well for dogs too! Maybe he’ll say I should try a whole food diet like my buddy Atticus?  Oh, hold on, maybe he’ll tell her I need a steak or chicken Dinner each night instead?  Just like when I was eating out at the restaurants……tee hee…..:)

I always like to think positive!! :)


  1. Hi Snoopy

    I used to be fussy when I eat my food and sometimes would leave it for a long time any only have it when I felt like it, and not when it was put down for me. Ok! I know that I am 11and half now and as I only do have one meal a day I can clean my dish in about 2 minutes flat, no meat, but I do like Cherry Tomatoes as a treat or if I should be needed in another room that I don’t want to go to, I don’t mind being bribed with them.

    Tell your Mum that she does not always eat at a certain time, now does she. But I do like to have my meal at 4pm, I think that it is my age you know. By the way what do you think of Manx Cats they have no tails!!!!


    • Hey there Millie,

      I’d be more than happy to play with Manx cats even though they have no tails, I’m super friendly and ready to play with anyone at a moments notice!!

      Puppy hugs for all,

      Your buddy Snoopy :)

  2. Snoopy, I never would have thought you are a picky-eater type! We need to break you of that habit.

    Of course, I recommend a Real/Whole food diet, like Wilber and I. The variety is spectacular and the health benefits are superior to kibble. You coat will be even shinier and softer (like my beautiful locks!). It’s not hard for my mama to organize and prepare our food (it’s a system now) and I know your mum could do the same :)

    This morning we had pureed broccoli, a pureed mix of chicken and pork, bit of avocado and a little brown rice. Twice a week we have non-meat protein (usually lentils, tofu and peanut butter) and we get our bone marrow from sardines and marrow broth (easy to make in a crock pot). I’ve convinced a few of my canine comrades towards my way of eating and they are Very happy! Maybe you’ll be next :)

    Thanks for the mention & link!

    Your buddy Atticus
    “commentary to give you paws…”
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    • Hey Atticus,

      I didn’t use to be a picky-eater type, it’s a new thing I’m trying out!! I think mum is very interested in your diet, how does your mum cope if she goes away without you any time?

      Your buddy and big fan,

      Snoopy :)

  3. We hope the vet will tell your mom to take you out to eat every night! Our give you steak. That would be cool!
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  4. Snoopy, Molly Moe, and bro Eric get a litte cooked oatmeal and chicken with their kibble in the morning. For dinner in their kibble I put a little chicken, shredded carrots or peas. I also give them one fish oil capsule a day. I always look for the good sales on chicken at the store, then buy quite a bit to freeze. I’ve found it does’nt really cost much more than feeding high quality kibble, and it’s very healthy for you guys. Keep working on mum, she’ll come around !

    • Wow Jean, it sounds like Eric and Molly are doing really well, I’ve been getting some kind of oil stuff on my food, tastes good!! I’m waiting with baited breath to see what the vet says…..

      Hugs to you and all the pups,

      Snoopy :)

  5. Spike and Dru’s good friend Dickon became a very picky eater at about your age. He has grown out of it and started eating again. He would not eat unless my father sat there with him and pratically hand fed him one kibble at a time. We have no idea why but all of a sudden after about a year of this he has decided recently that he will eat normally again. My mom can’t give him too much meat to entice him to eat because he’s a corgi and you really have to watch their weight because of their backs. Good luck at the vet.
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