Snoopy celebrates the New Year 2011 – well kind of……

I’d been looking forward to the New Year celebrations all day, I’d even had to have a looooong grooming session because of the impending New Year.  Sometimes, though, I think I forget (as does mum), that I’m only 8 months old and the excitement of certain events can be a little too much……

New Years Eve was no exception to this.  Our friends came over to help us celebrate and the boys all wanted a Star Wars Marathon.  Being one of the boys, I decided to see what Star Wars was all about.  Maybe it will grow on me in time, but by movie number Two I was fast asleep!!

Even the excitement of Star Wars couldn't keep me up to see in the New Year!!

Mum said it was probably watching Star Wars that sent me to sleep (I don’t think she’s a big fan!!).  She was busy chatting and hanging out with our friends and their little 3 month old baby.  I’ve met the baby before, but I’m still totally fascinated by her.  I know she’s very delicate and I can’t jump up on her, I can’t wait until she’s old enough to play with me though! :)

I could hear the excitement building as I guessed the New Year must be close!  I didn’t bother opening my eyes though…..  They were watching something on the TV called the ball and they were waiting for it to drop!!  I was quite happy with my nap.  Mum convinced me in the end I should make an effort and join in!  Believe me, it was quite an effort! :)

YouTube Preview Image

To be honest, I didn’t really understand all the fuss, it didn’t seem as if anything had changed!  I wondered what time I’d be able to go back to sleep?

I was trying so hard to wake up and join in the celebrations!

There was some discussion about New Years Resolutions, I had to look up what this was – I discovered it means “…a commitment that an individual makes to a personal goal, project, or the reforming of a habit. This lifestyle change is generally interpreted as advantageous”.  I kind of felt I should join in on this one, the only thing I could come up with though, was to not wake up at 6am every day, as I know that mum doesn’t really appreciate that at the weekend.  I have been working on this over the holidays anyway and I’ll try to stick to it.  I figured, why wait until the New Year?   Other than that I think I’m a pretty good puppy, even if I say so myself, tee hee!! :)

I wonder what all the other doggys had as their New Year’s Resolution?

Here’s to a happy, fun filled 2011 for everyone!! :)


  1. I have so many ‘resolutions’, Mum had to write them all down and mail them to you!!! Happy New Year, Snoopy … I hope to have a Beardie Bounce with you soon :} Your Beardie Bud, Turner.

    • Oh Turner,

      I can’t imagine you need any resolutions!! I’m sure you’re purfect!!

      Now I’m worried in case my mum see’s ‘the list’ – you see, I decided myself I didn’t need any extra ones, who knows what will happen if mum gets sight of any ‘suggestions’ – she may think I should adopt them!!

      Best I look out for the mail man……

      I agree, it would be really cool to have a Beardie Bounce together, I’m sure you would be great fun!

      Your Beardie Bud,

      Snoopy :)

  2. Awww…even Snoopy’s hair was done for the occasion!
    Lori @ According to Gus recently posted..Fuzzy ButtMy Profile

    • Hi Lori,

      You bet my hair was done!! Mum and Carly had me on the grooming table for over an hour!! Can you believe it? So glad you noticed after all that fluffing they subjected me too!! :)

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