Snoopy gets some good news and some bad news at the vets….

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since my last trip to the vets for my puppy checks and shots!! Shots, that’s not a word I like, although Rick the vet is really good at it so I hardly feel them. Still, the needle is pretty scary!  I definitely deserve all the yummy treats Rick gives me for being so brave!

Yesterday it was time to go for my booster and check up.

I noticed a clue  that the vets are also aware of some issues between dogs and cats, they have separate entrances for us…..maybe I’m not the only one who’s having some difficulties with the felines?

I'm not going near that door.......

This is the door for me.....

Once I was safely inside I had to get weighed.  I was a surprising 50lbs!!  Mum was shocked, although she had been telling Dad I was getting heavy to lift in the car and she was making me jump out of the car these last few weeks, I’ve become pretty good at it, even if I say so myself!! :)

We went into the little room after I got lots of fuss in reception, then the assistant vet came in. She gave me some kind of treat, that was pretty good as I hadn’t even done anything yet!! Oh, then she showed her true intention and headed towards my rear with something in her hand, it wasn’t a TOY!!  I wasn’t having any of that and did a Snoopy shuffle and hid by Mum’s leg.  She gave up!!  Yay, round 1 to Snoopy!!

If you try that again, I'm outta here......

I waited a few minutes and then Rick the vet came in, I love seeing him, he’s lots of fun.

Where's my friend Rick?

Then I remembered why I was there, the shot!  Uh, Oh – he took me by surprise and squirted something up my nose, hmmmm maybe it wasn’t going to be a needle this time after all?  Well, I’ll stay on my guard as I’m not back in the car yet……

Then I heard Mum talk to him about my recent eating behaviour.  He said I was looking good and didn’t think there was anything wrong.  Then he said I was highly intelligent (that was nice to hear) and highly MANIPULATIVE!!  I looked this word up…….doh!!  He told Mum that I’ve been giving her the run around, he’s called my bluff!!  He even told her that it was fine to give me just kibble again and I’d eventually eat it AND it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I lost 5lbs in the process!!  What?  This was not the way I was planning this visit would go……..

I would have been upset, only he then gave me a really nice treat and said I was all done, so all forgiven from my side, especially as I didn’t have to have a scary needle this time……:)

I just wish he hadn’t given Mum quite so much of an insight into my behaviour, doh!  I don’t even have a plan B……ah well…….:)  I guess it’s round 2 to Mum and the vet!! :)


  1. Hugs to Snoopy from Gus…it sounds like Snoopy was super brave at the vet’s office.

    Gus was told the same thing a couple of years ago about food. Eventually, he would eat it…and he did!
    Lori @ According to Gus recently posted..Don’t Tell Gus…My Profile

  2. Poor Snoopy you’ve been called out and you have to lose 5 lbs! Good luck and I’m sure you’ll think of a Plan B.
    Helen recently posted..We Are Feeling Very Ho Hum At Chez Spike and DrusillaMy Profile

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks for your support, actually I’m hoping Mum can just give me an extra long grooming session and that’ll work the trick with the 5lbs! Anyway, he didn’t say I HAD to lose it, it would just be ideal…..tee hee :)

  3. Snoopy, In your defense, female beardies usually weigh between 43 -46 lbs. 50 lbs is not unusual or really bad for a big boy like you. Have fun this weekend at your big San Fransisco dog show, we’ll be thinking of you .

    • Hi Jean,

      Yep, I agree, I was the big boy in the litter so I think I’m fine too, don’t think I need weight watchers just yet!! :)

      I’m really excited about San Francisco this weekend, woohoo!! :)

  4. LOL! Busted!
    Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe recently posted..Lilys Better HalfMy Profile

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