Snoopy thinks it’s only fair!! :)

So, as you know, on Sunday I had the huge disappointment of being left out of the Superbowl celebrations.  Luckily though I don’t hold grudges and was just happy when everyone returned home.  I also believe in Karma.  One of my favourite sayings is what comes around goes around…..

On Sunday night I took up my place in front of the fire and Mum switched on the TV.  Guess what was on TV?  Nope, it wasn’t the Superbowl as that had long finished.  Instead it was the Puppy Bowl. My friend Vicky had mentioned on Friday about the Puppy Bowl, but I’d thought she was joking, I didn’t know it really existed, I’d never heard of it!

Wow, look at her!

Dad started laughing when he saw it, but Mum decided (and I agreed), that the least Dad could do to make it up to me for missing the Superbowl was to watch the Puppybowl with me…….come on Dad, it’s only 2 hours, the Superbowl was on for at least 4 hours!!  Tee hee – it was great!!

Can I play too? Wow, now that's a tackle!!

They even had a water bowl camera so you could see the dogs drinking, I’d never have thought of that before!!  Plus, you could adopt the puppies too, Dad I think I need a friend…….:)

Let's adopt this one?

I think Dad enjoyed it too really…….:) I have a feeling he’ll make sure I get invited to the Superbowl next year…..tee hee….:)


  1. We love the water bowl cam too, Snoopy! So glad you got to watch the Puppy Bowl. I hope there was good snacks!
    Lori @ According to Gus recently posted..2011 San Antonio BlizzardMy Profile

  2. We did not watch the Puppy Bowl but after reading so much about it, we’ll have to make sure we catch it next year. Hopefully, this will be what gets you in next year.
    Helen recently posted..A Vaudeville SkunkMy Profile

    • Hey Helen

      I think I’m totally in next year for a puppybowl party, how could they not invite me to that?

      I bet Spike and Dru would love it too!!

      Have a great day!!

      Snoopy :)

  3. Snoopy – hope you caught the kitten half-time show, too!
    Vicky recently posted..Winner of Scratch n Shapes GiveawayMy Profile

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