Snoopy’s a winner!!

As promised, I’ve finally got my video of all the fun at the Cow Palace finished, phew!!  (Had a few technical difficulties – doh!)

So, I was entered in the 9-12 month puppy class for Bearded Collies and Dad was going to show me this time.  This was his first time in the ring.  Of course, I was feeling like a veteran now as it was my third time!! (My first show was the Napa show, followed by the show in Stockton).  Unfortunately in those two shows, I was beaten into second place by my younger brother Eric, but not this time!!

Once I was as fluffed as I could possibly get, it was time to head to the show ring, I was so excited!!  It was indoors this time and there were lots of people there…….

We're just waiting for our turn in the main ring, Dad, you'd better take my hair clip out now.....:)

As you saw yesterday, there was only one other Beardie who came to the show, that was Joey, he’s a Champion and he’s five, so he wasn’t going to be in my class.  It was just Dad and I in the ring – yep, you guessed it, that meant I was guaranteed a first place ribbon!!  Woohoo!!  Mum told me I would have got first anyway even if there were lots of Beardie puppies there…..tee hee!!

I was also eligible to enter the puppy competition as I ‘won’ as the best puppy in my breed, but it started really late in the end and I was way too tired by then……maybe next time…..:)

As you’ll see in the video I had lots of fun, there’s always something funny that happens when I’m in the ring.  The crowd loved it and were laughing and clapping, I’m just happy I could make them smile :)  Dad was totally awesome in the ring, we had such a blast together, just us boys!! :)  I guess I really do have a ‘Beardie Bounce’!

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  1. Way to go, Snoopy! You did such a great job…it looked like so much fun! I loved the Beardie Bounce!
    Lori @ According to Gus recently posted..Word Whiz Wednesday 10- CollarMy Profile

  2. You did GREAT, Snoopy! Congrats on your first win … I think you’re going to enjoy many more!!! YBB, Turner

    • Yo Turner,

      Thanks, I’d love to get more of those ribbons. It was so much fun listening to the crowd and then so many people came to see me after too and said they’d been watching me……even the TV lady came over with her camera, woohoo!!

      Your Beardie Buddy Snoopy :)

  3. Congratulations, Snoopy! :)
    Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe recently posted..Human Wordless Wednesday- Baby Rocket Dog And Hootie Costume Contest Edition!My Profile

  4. Snoopy, tell your dad he looked great! , and that you guys are making your brother Eric very worried. I’m afraid Eric is going to learn what it feels like to lose very quickly. GREAT JOB GUYS !!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Jean,

      Do you think Eric’s getting nervous?……tee hee……:) I think my Dad enjoyed it, so I’m hoping he’ll want to do another show, I just love to show off!!

      Woofs to the gang,


  5. My stupid internet connection is not downloading video today because of the storm so I’ll have to catch it tomorrow hopefully. Watch out Snoopy, Westminster’s in your future! Hooray on 1st and I’m with Mum I’m sure you would have gotten 1St no matter what!
    Helen recently posted..Weekend Recap and It Appears The Apocalypse Starts TomorrowMy Profile

    • Hi Helen,

      Ah, I hope you get to be able to watch the video soon and I hope you’re not too cold there, Spike and Dru can give you extra cuddles!! :)

      Thanks for your vote of confidence, you can join Mum in my cheerleaders team! tee hee :) I think I’ll always entertain the crowd even if I don’t win :)

      Sending you warm wishes,

      Snoopydog :)

  6. I finally got to see the video and I love the Beardie Bounce! Keep your eyes on those treats! It is very cold and Spike and Dru are doing their best to keep us warm but they love the snow.
    Helen recently posted..Weekend Recap and It Appears The Apocalypse Starts TomorrowMy Profile

    • Hey I’m glad you got to see the video – yep I’m a true Beardie with my bounce……yeah, the problem with the treats is I get a bit overexcited and distracted, that’s why Dad wasn’t using them…….we’ll get it right eventually I’m sure, I’m voting for more treats!! haha

  7. Oh, he is sooooo lovely! I’d give him a ribbon anytime…
    Vicky recently posted..Winner of Scratch n Shapes GiveawayMy Profile

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