Snoopy’s all dressed up with nowhere to go…..:(

Yesterday morning I got up nice and early ready for the Superbowl, well I didn’t know what time it started!  Mum didn’t seem overly impressed at me getting up early on a Sunday, ooops!

I soon discovered it wasn’t on until the afternoon, oh well, I was ready anyway…..we went out for a nice trip to the grocery store (I guess they were getting supplies for the party?).  We even stopped off for coffee and sat outside, I got to say hello to some other dogs.  I got called a girl by a few people because of my hair clip, oh well, it was just nice to get petted, I guess!

When we got home I thought I’d take a little nap, but my plans were soon sabotaged……..It seemed I had to have a bath, yuk!  I can tell when it’s bath time, Mum and Dad start collecting things, like my shampoo and my towel, doh!  Oh well, it was a special occasion and it was pretty hot out today (70F), so it would be nice to cool off!!

I'm a soggy doggy, I love the towel bit though, not so fussed on the colour.....

Mum, Dad and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood to dry off, it didn’t take long as it was so warm……..

Tah Dah!! All nice and am I supposed to see the game with all my hair in my eyes?!

It was not long after this point that it all went wrong……..

Mum and Dad started getting ready to go out!!  I thought the Superbowl party was here?  Before I knew it I was in the garden having a party for one, with my toys, carrots, bone, water and dinner – this isn’t how I’d imagined it!!

I guess I wasn't invited to the party?!

When they got home Mum told me who won, they’ve recorded it too, so I can watch it I guess, but it won’t be the same now I know the result……


  1. Ahhh! Poor Snoop-Dog! I got left home, too. We shoulda planned our own Superbowl pahty! YBB Turner

    • Hey Turner,

      Great idea, we’ll show them we can make our own fun, just wish I’d had more notice that I wasn’t actually included……next time!!

      Your buddy Snoopy :)

  2. Oh, Poor Snoopy and you even had a bath :( Spike and Dru got a friend for the Superbowl party and all three of them dug in the mud (finally our snow is starting to melt) so guess who’s on tap for a bath? Maybe next year when you’re older you’ll be able to go too?
    Helen recently posted..Go Pack Go!!My Profile

    • I know Helen,

      I feel like I was duped into having a bath!! At least mines done, unlike Spike and Dru, they’ve still got theirs to come…….yikes!! At least here it’s all nice and warm to dry off after, if Spike and Dru went outside all went they might become icicles!!

      Woofs to the gang,

      Snoopy :)

  3. Snoopy, Don’t feel bad bro. After your sis Molly & I had our master plan in place, our mom changed plans and took all the food & snacks over a friends house to watch super bowl. How dare she!!!!!!!!!!!. I like Turner’s idea . I think next year we should all get together with our very own Beardie Bowl ! Bring on the goodies!!!!!!!!!!! Eric.

    • Hey Eric,

      You got left home too? I don’t like how I only find out at the last minute, it seems you didn’t have any advanced notice either! Yep, I think next year we should make our own plan with Turner and any other Superbowl refugee doggys and not rely on the humans to include us!! :)

      Say hi to everyone for me,

      Snoopy :)

  4. 70 degrees! You lucky dog, Snoopy!

    So sorry you were left at home yesterday, but I’m sure you were tuckered. Grocery shopping, coffee breaks, baths and walks sound like a busy day.

    P.S. You look SO cute after a bath!
    Lori @ According to Gus recently posted..2011 San Antonio BlizzardMy Profile

    • Hey Lori and Gus,

      Yeah I’ve been really lucky this winter, only a few weeks of rain and then sunshine all the rest of the time……woohoo!!

      You’re right I did have a busy day (and I actually was a bit tired for a party, but don’t tell Mum that)

      I shrink to about a third of my size after a bath, then I have to fluff myself up again!!

      Your Buddy Snoopy :)

  5. Aw, what a bummer! They left you at home? You should bite them!
    Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe recently posted..Almost Home Dogs – Amazing Grace!My Profile

    • Haha, I know, I couldn’t believe they left me at home either, I was all excited about seeing my first Superbowl, Dad had hyped it up so much, and then I don’t get to see it with them after all!! However, I did get spoiled anyway and Dad did give me a Koala hug when he got home, so all forgiven!! :)

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