Snoopy goes potty over the toilet paper…..

I’ve been fascinated for a while with the toy in the bathroom that they call toilet paper.  Some time ago I got busted when I was checking it out. At that time I also got lots of advice as to what I should actually being doing with it from my pals.

Since then, I’ve been waiting for the right moment…..and finally it came…….The only problem (that no-one had warned me about – doh!) was that you have to ensure you have a full roll, or you can’t take it as far……anyway, it was still lots of fun.

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I wonder if she can see the piece in my mouth?

Ok, so it might have been me.......

Doh, do we have to tidy up right now, I'm having fun!

I think it’s gonna be hard to manage this again though;  Mum has put a lockdown on the bathroom door!  Doh! I’m banking on someone forgetting…..:)


  1. There is a reason Beardies are so cute … we forgive them just about everything!!! Too cute, Snoop Dog!

  2. Snoopy…weren’t you recently warned about hiding the evidence!! Next time (if they leave the door open), hide all the toilet paper behind the sofa. They’ll never find it there! ;)
    Lori @ According to Gus recently posted..Don’t Tell Gus…Numero DosMy Profile

  3. Snoopy, you need a cat so you’ve got someone else to blame for things like that! That’s how Darby does it!
    Vicky recently posted..Wordless Wednesday -National Puppy Day!My Profile

    • Hi Vicky.

      That’s another great reason to get a cat in the house, I was just thinking I could play with it, but I like your suggestion – I’m never able to convince Mum it wasn’t me…….doh!! :)

      Snoopy :)

  4. Hi Snoops! Let’s start this off with a HUGE HIGH PAW! *whispers* Way to go dude! TP does taste good and its a great decorating accessory! But, I LOVE the big roll of TP mama keeps on the counter when she cooks! Since I’m a ridgeback, I’m best known for my counter surfing ability. Oh yea, and that “holding a lion at bay” thing. Personally, I think the paper products are so much more fun to hold at bay! Plus, the ones with designs on them, are DELISH! May the roll be with you Snoops!

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