Snoopy the Cone Head!!

I knew no good could come out of ‘trying on’ the ‘Cone of Shame’!!  Sure enough, yesterday morning Dad took me to see Dr. Rick, he’s my vet, he’s fun and gives me treats! :)

It was a bit of a blur, but next thing I knew I could hear Mum’s voice and she’d come to rescue me!!

The nurse was trying to get a needle out of my leg but I was in too much of a rush to stay still.  In the end she called Mum in to help keep me still.  I was fine about it once Mum was there.  That is until the Nurse decided she should put a PINK bandage on my leg!!  PINK, like she really didn’t have any other colour!?

See how bright the Pink bandage is!!

I got that bandage off in no time!!  Mum said if I didn’t lick my stitches I wouldn’t have to wear ‘The Cone’ – yep, you guessed it, I couldn’t resist, so on went the cone!  But hey, I could still reach!  Tee Hee

If I'm being honest, the cone is pretty comfy to sleep in, like a pillow!

Doh!!  Mum soon came back with a bigger cone that she’d swapped for the small one!!  A bigger cone, is that really necessary!?

It's not all bad though, she also got me a new bone! Yay!

I hopped onto the sofa to eat my bone, you see, I’m not hurting at all, but best we don’t tell Mum or I may not get as much attention – Tee Hee

I just hope Mum doesn’t make me go out with this thing on my neck, I’d never live it down!!  Maybe I’ll just refuse to go out?! :)


  1. Poor Snoopy! But, your Mum does know best.

  2. Aww Snoop, your still all man dog in my eyes. Take it easy, and lap up all the extra love.
    Your friend, Roxy

    • Thanks Roxy,

      It’s great to have your support! :) Oh yeah, there’s loadsa extra love going on – Tee Hee

      Have a fun weekend,

      Snoops :)

  3. Poor Snoopy!! Actually they put your cone in a good place! When my brother Cody had one you should have seen how funny he looked jumping over the baby gate! We called him “Space Boy!!!” They do NOTHIN’ for CATS!!! lol

  4. Hey Snoopie, I see you are sporting the old collar of shame. Well don’t worry buddy! It will eventually come off. Mine hasn’t but hope springs eternal, right?

    I’m not on my blog right now. I’ve handed it over to my buddie Bogie. Come say hi!

    Your Pal,


    • Hi Opie,

      Just happy to know that eventually this stooopid collar will be gone and I’ll be free once more!!

      Gotta dash, I’m off to say Hi to Bogie :)

      Have a fun weekend,

      Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. Snoopy, you’re all grownz up now! And that cone will come off in no time, just you wait and see. As an added bonus, I’ll email your mom a pic of Darby in his cone so you have something to laugh at while you’re recovering :)

    • Hey Vicky,

      You’re so good to me, those pics made me chuckle, thank you!! All you can see amongst the white is Darby’s little black nose! :)

      Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. Oh no, Snoopy!! Why do you have to wear the cone? Are you OK?!

    Sending some puppy woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I’m a girl!)

    • Hey Bailey,

      Sure I’m ok, if you discount the shame I’m feeling – I had a trip to the vets yesterday and let’s just say, I’m no longer ‘All Dog’

      Thanks for the woofs and hugs,

      Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. Daisy sends you many sympathetic woofs and lots of puppy kisses. I’m sure you’ll be off that cone in no time, and all this will just turn into one big “war story”. ;)

  8. Oh no they really did give you a cone, but I don’t think it is as big, or as bad as mine! Thankfully, they took my staples out last night so no more cone for me! Hope you get to ditch yours soon too!

    Your pal, Thunder

  9. Your cone looks a lot more comfy than mine was. Mommy tried one like that, but I got past it really fast. And it was the biggest size. So I had to wear the hard plastic one.

    Hope things heal up fast so you can take it off. Oh, and enjoy the bone!!

    Puppy Kisses,

  10. Poooooooooor, Snoopy!!! But your mum knows best, of course!

  11. I’ve never seen that version of “The Cone.” The cones I’ve always seen are plastic and look like the cones you put shaved ice into. Yours looks like a necklace!

    Maybe you can pretend you’re wearing an accessory, Snoopy! It might take your mind of the Cone of Shame. :P

    • Hi Pauline,

      Yep that cone looked too good to be true, now I’m sporting the cone that should really have shaved ice in it, not my head! :)

      Wags to Oscar,

      Snoopy :)

  12. Rest up, Snoopy. We know how you feel about those darned “cones of shame,” and totally agree.

    • Hey Five Sibes,

      There must be an alternative that works, that Blue donut was gonna be great, cos I could see, play with my toys and didn’t walk into stuff, such a shame I could still reach the stitches though! Doh!

      Wags to all,

      Snoopy :)

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