Snoopy you were warned!

Sometimes you just don’t know when you’ve got it good!!

I initially thought the blue donut ‘Cone of Shame’ was bad, until I discovered that I could still lick my stitches with it on!  Well, they were itching!!

Where I went wrong was doing it while I was being guarded watched!

Carly even gave me a big old lecture about how she’d tell Mum if I didn’t stop, I tried wandering off and not listening but she carried on…….  I thought she was on my side really and she was bluffing!!

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently I was wrong, Carly told Mum and yep, suddenly I’m sporting a bonnet!!   We have the BEST neighbours, one of them told Mum they had a Big Cone lying around and I could borrow it – YAY!! (I’m being sarcastic!)


I can't even hold my bone to play with it, such poor design! I want the Blue Cone back!

How ridiculous does this look?  Not to mention how big my head has become and how I keep bumping into things!  I guess Carly was really warning me for my own good, doh!  If only I’d listened!!

I wonder if it’s too late to strike a deal with Mum?  I PROMISE I won’t lick my stitches if you just take this stoooopid cone off?! :)


  1. LOL!! And LOL again!! Awww, I’m sorry you have to wear the Big Cone, Snoopy. I’m not laughing at the cone, I’m just laughing because you were so darned cute in that video trying to get away from your “watchdog” human! I’m sure your boo-boo will heal faster now that you can’t get at it, and you’ll be cone-free in no time. I’m sending you Havachon Hugs and Puppy Kisses. :)

    • Daisy,

      Thanks so much for the hugs and puppy kisses, feeling better already! :) Mum also was laughing when Carly showed her the ‘video evidence’! Previously Mum didn’t really think I could get to it, doh!!

      Hope you’re having fun,

      Your pal Snoopy :)

  2. Awwww, poor poor Snoopy! We hate that you are hasin to wear the cone of shames! Butter the Bean is always hasin to wear one ’cause he gets hot-spotted. Big fool. Anyway Snoopy we know it’s no fun BUT not even the cone of shame can keep you from being soooooo very cute!

    Sugar the Who

  3. I know how you feel. I got past the blue cone too. And I got caught too!! And I had to wear one of those Too!! But this I will say, eventually it does come off. It can’t stay on forever! Hang in there buddy!

    Puppy Kisses,

    • Thanks Tanner for your words of encouragement!!

      Yep, that Blue one is easy peasy isn’t it?! Tee Hee – I just should have done it when no-one was looking, doh!!

      Hope you’re having a fun day,

      Your pal Snoopy :)

  4. Poor Snoops :(

    This, too, shall pass…and you’ll be back to rockin’ the world without a cone really soon!

    • Hi Vicky,

      I’m so looking forward to that, although, every time I put it on I get a Dentastix, so it’s not all bad!! Tee Hee

      Woofs to Darby,

      Snoops :)

  5. Once your stitches are removed and the cone is off your head, maybe you can convince your mom to fill it up with shaved ice for you. ;)

  6. Awww, Snoopy! It stinks to wear a cone, but it’s for your own good. I wore one for a short time and Nala’s kind of a pro at wearing one.

    Hope it comes off soon!

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I’m a girl!)

    • Hey Bailey,

      Yep, I hope it comes off soon, although I’m pretty sure my rations of Dentastix will reduce once it’s off, so I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet! Tee Hee :)

      It’s cool that you remind us you’re a girl, as I still forget! :)

      Wags to you and Nala,

      Snoopy :)

  7. Awe Snoopy, the cone is not that bad. I had the cone from the beginning because my people were sure I would get around any other design in short order. But you will see that if you work at it, you can get used to it and even move around without bumping into things and then before you know it, it will be GONE! Hang in there….

    Your pal, Thunder

    • Hey Thunder,

      I know you’re right, I still haven’t worked out the dimension thing yet and keep bumping into everything, but otherwise Mum says I’m being really tolerant about wearing it! I think I need to have a party on ‘Cone off’ Day! :)

      Wags to you,

      Snoops :)

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