The Picture of Innocence

I’m such a sweet, innocent puppy so I don’t understand how I sometimes get into trouble!!  I think maybe I get framed?!  Tee Hee

I mean, take a look at my face, do I look like a mischievous puppy?

So sweet and innocent!! Tee Hee


I’ve been practising this look in the hope it will get me out of trouble – what do you think? Have I perfected it? :)



I hope you’re all having a great Wednesday, I’m gonna put the links up once they’re available for the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. If you want to hop around – have fun! :)


  1. Woof! Woof! YES I think you got the Innocence LOOK! Good Luck! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Maybe only because your mouth is dirty…otherwise you look super sweet :)
    Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #20My Profile

    • Doh Jessica!!

      You busted me!! Garden mischief always seems to leave some kinda evidence behind!! So wish I had an all dark coat!! Tee Hee :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  3. I don’t know, Snoopy – looking innocent and being innocent don’t always go hand in hand!
    Sarah recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Caption ContestMy Profile

  4. You have most DEFINITELY perfected your sweet, innocent look Snoopy! But I think it’s real – you’re a sweetie!
    Daisy recently posted..Daisy and the DishwasherMy Profile

  5. Of course you are innocent and never do anything wrong Snoopy! Everyone knows that! :)
    2browndawgs recently posted..Wordless Wednesday–Washing The Stick Pond OffMy Profile

  6. You’ve got it, Snoopy! You would get away with EVERYTHING at my house with that look!
    Vicky recently posted..Rescue Profile: No Paws Left Behind Rescue & TransportMy Profile

    • Hi Vicky,

      I think I’m gonna list all the things I could get away with at your house compared to here and give it to Mum – I think she’s waaaay too strict!! Tee Hee

      Wags to Darby,

      Snoops :)

  7. We can’t believe a doggy with such a face would ever get in trouble…. We practice our innocent faces all the time, too, but mommy doesn’t believe us. She just laughs.

    Swift, Kool, and Amy
    Amy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #8My Profile

    • Amy,

      She laughs at your innocent face?!! Uh oh, although I guess it’s better than her being mad?! Tee Hee

      Innocent until ‘proven’ guilty, that’s what I say!! I just have to get a little better at hiding the evidence! Doh!!

      Have a fun day guys,

      Snoops :)

  8. Snoopy, you’ve GOT to be innocent!! Aren’t we all?! Teehee!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  9. I think it’s clear you must have been framed, Snoopy. You’re far too sweet to ever cause trouble! Adorable picture. :)
    Julie Flanders recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Why I’ll Never Win a Halloween Photo ContestMy Profile

  10. I think you look just as innocent as me! tee hee!
    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese
    Diane and Cosmo @ To Dog With Love recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Agility Havanese!My Profile

    • Hey Cosmo,

      Yay!! Us innocent pups need to hang out together and see what innocent mischief we can get up to!! Tee Hee

      Wags to you,

      Snoops :)

    • Hey Cosmo,

      Is your blog ok? I can’t seem to see anything other than the About page and yesterdays picture – no comments and no other posts, weird?!

      I have to say though, that’s a cool pic Cosmo!!

      Snoops :)

  11. Snoopy – you just go ahead and do whatever you want!!!
    Deb Barnes – Zee and Zoey recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – From Crickets to Cats – Happy Blog Anniversary!My Profile

  12. you are the epitome of innocence!!

    Love from Dakota’s Mom because he doesn’t understand those looks lol

    caren gittleman recently posted..Winners Of SmartBone Give-Away!My Profile

    • Woohoo Dakota and Dakota’s Mum,

      Innocenct looks are winning paws down!! Yay – mischief here I come……. ooops, did I say that out loud? Just as well Mum won’t see this….. Tee Hee

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

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