Winner of Easy Walk Dog Harness Giveaway & Today is See Beautiful Day :)

Woohoo!!  Thank you so much to everyone for joining in our first ever Giveaway for the Easy Walk Dog Harness – we had an amazing response…..  :)


…….. And without further delay I will announce the winner …… (we used to decide the winner)


It’s Donna Treye – I believe the prize is for her Pug Willie – way to go Willie!! :)

We will contact you by email to get your details so PetSmart can send it to you :)

Given the response to this Giveaway – I’m really excited to tell you we’ve got another one coming soon!! :)


Did you know today is the ‘See Beautiful’ Blog Hop?  The idea is from my friend Sugar the Golden Retriever, who lives in Beautiful Hawaii – It’s  a once a month Blog Hop – Simply create a Blog Post that made your day, week, month inspiring you in Seeing Beauty.   I think it’s a great way to share the beauty around us with others :)

This is a picture Mum took on the Coast near where we live – we’re so lucky to live somewhere so Beautiful…

By day and by night, the view is so Beautiful :)


If you’d like to join the Blog Hop just click the links under the pictures below – or just enjoy hopping to the other blogs to see more Beauty – have a fun weekend everyone :)




  1. Congratulations to Donna and Pug Willie! Snoopy your view is so beautiful, I am in awe! :)
    Bassetmomma recently posted..See Beautiful – InnocenceMy Profile

  2. What a beautiful view! We’ll have to take a rain check on this blog hop this time because we just put up a different post last night. But we’ll try to catch it next month! :) Have a great weekend Snoopy family!
    Daisy recently posted..Nature’s Oceanside GloryMy Profile

  3. There’s few things more beautiful than a calming ocean view. Nice photo, Snoopy!!
    Sage recently posted..What do Baths have to do with Slugs?My Profile

  4. Woo, congrats to the winner! You did have a whole lot of responses to your giveaway, it was pretty rad.
    Jen recently posted..Camp NaNoWriMo June 2012: Going RogueMy Profile

  5. Congratulations to the winner! And yes, that picture sure is beautiful.
    Jodi recently posted..Another Year Gone ByMy Profile

  6. Wow Snoops – that’s one gorgeous view.
    Can the next contest be for flight tickets to come over from England and see it in person and give you a huge hug?? :) :) Tee Hee
    High Fives XX

    • Hey Helen,

      Now that sounds like an awesome contest!! You’d have to bring your Beardie pup for me to with!! :) When does it arrive? So exciting :)

      Have fun and High Fives back to you,

      Snoops :)

      • I’d happily bring her along to play Snoops, I’m just imagining the mischief!
        She’s not going to be with us for a little while yet – I’ll keep you up to speed on her ETA though. Very Very excited :) :) X

  7. Way to go Donna!
    RumpyDog! recently posted..A Message for you Music Types Out There!My Profile

  8. Woof! Woof! Sunsets are Beautiful. We LOVE watching it too. Happy {This Moment} See Beautiful. Golden Thanks for joining the Hop. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar
    Golden Woofs! SUGAR recently posted..{This Moment} See BeautifulMy Profile

  9. Hi Snoopy it is very nice to meet you. I hopped over from Sugar’s to check out your Beautiful Moment post and it is most certainly Beautiful…your handsome face and the sunset
    Hugs Madi

    • Hi there Madi and Mom,

      It’s super great to meet you too :) Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment – you’re making me blush just like the sunset!! :)

      Have a fun day,

      Snoops :)

  10. Wow, it really is a beautiful view – I hope you take lots of time to enjoy it! I mentioned you on my blog today :) I found a cute picture that could easily be you!! Enjoy your weekend :)
    Julie recently posted..Furtography Friday!My Profile

    • Hi Julie,

      Yep, that’s a view worth chilling out and enjoying :) I hopped over to see the picture on your blog – Oh how cute that guy is – and having so much fun!! Great find and thanks for thinking of me :)

      Hope you’re having a fun weekend :)

      Snoops :)

  11. Congratulations to Donna!

    That is a pretty picture. You guys are certainly lucky to live in a beautiful place. No back to business, what’s are next plan of action on the mischief department?

    Huggies and Cheese,

    haopee recently posted..11 Reasons Why Not to Buy Puppies from a Pet Store (a Shark Tribute)My Profile

  12. Congrats to the lucky winner. I am also giving away a free 6 day dog training course on my blog for anyone who is interested
    DogTrainer recently posted..Free 6 Day Mini Course- Secrets That Really Work For Your DogMy Profile

    • Hi There DogTrainer,

      Thanks for stopping by and telling us about the free course, I believe my Mum has downloaded it, but I think I’d like a course on how to train the humans, I’m doing pretty well, but a few more tips would be appreciated!! Tee Hee

      I hope you’re having a fun weekend,

      Snoops :)

  13. Hi Snoopy! Just wanted to let you know that we passed the Sunshine Award along to you and your mum!

    This is the url for the post:

    You were our first blogging friend when we first started and we just wanted to say thanks for helping us out! Have a great weekend.
    Dogs N Pawz recently posted..Super Saturday!My Profile

    • Hi Dogs N Pawz,

      You’re SO sweet – thanks for thinking of us guys :) It makes me wag to know I was your first blogging friend, I just love that blogging has enabled me (and Mum) to make such wonderful friends, I’m so happy we know you :) We love your blog :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  14. Hey Snoopy, Jet here.

    Wow, what a view! We know the See Beautiful from Sugar, but forgot about the hop… thanks. let’s see if Mom can get there in time. :)

    Congrats to Pug Willie… You are so thoughtful to sponsor the give-a-way.

    Have a good one, Dude.
    Jet recently posted..Media TidbitsMy Profile

    • Hey Jet,

      Yep, we nearly missed the Blog Hop too – oooops!! :)

      I’m all excited for Willie and his human, PetSmart were the kind ones who sponsored the giveaway, I just did the easy bit and told everyone about it :)

      I hope your having a fun weekend dude,

      Snoops :)

  15. Giveaways are FUN!!! Congratz to the lucky winner. : )
    I’m not too disappointed. Not sure what I’d do with a dog harness really. heh heh
    Snoops, your view is beautiful! You live in a gorgeous part of the country.
    xoxo your girl,
    Glogirly and Katie recently posted..Saturday Photohunt *Clean*My Profile

    • Hey Katie,

      I’ve got a great idea what you could do with a Dog Harness – you could get a Doggie friend in your house!! Tah Dah!! Think how much fun that would be Katie? :)

      I hope your humans return one day buddy :)

      In the meantime I hope there’s plenty of Mischief going on :)

      Snoops :)

  16. What a beautiful view! We like the idea of this new blog hop.
    Bella and DiDi
    Paws to Talk recently posted..Betty the Boxer: How do I settle a problem with my neighbor?My Profile

  17. Congrats to the winner and that sure is a beautiful picture.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..A Short UpdateMy Profile

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