Give us a Smile!

Mum thinks I’ll just smile on cue – whenever she gets the camera out – well not all the time I won’t!! Tee Hee

Nope Mum – I just don’t feel like smiling!!


What?! You’ve got treats?! Is this smile big enough Mum? Tee Hee


Hope you all have a fun weekend :)


  1. Oh Snoopy, we’re all melting over these photos! You look positively adorable! In a manly, handsome way, of course…. :D Have a fun weekend my friend!
    Daisy recently posted..Monday Mischief: Travel-Ready PuppyMy Profile

    • Hi Daisy,

      Glad you enjoyed my pics and that Mum didn’t make me look all Girlie – Phew!! Don’t think she thinks about these things when she gets all snap happy!! :)

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  2. Cute smile! That’s good you gave in and smiled, treats, pictures, what more is there.
    Roxy the traveling dog recently posted..It’s officially FallMy Profile

  3. Your smile makes my heart smile Snoopy!
    Jen recently posted..My DDP. Dog Diarrhea Protocol.My Profile

  4. Snoopy,
    You are just like me! Mom likes to take photos at that angle of me too. Good eye and nose angle and the smile too, when I think it’s worth it to smile! hee hee!
    Your pal,
    Cosmo Havanese
    Diane and Cosmo @ To Dog With Love recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Piedmont Park StrollMy Profile

    • Hi Cosmo,

      Glad to hear you hold out to buddy :)

      Mum says at this angle I won’t look like I’ve got a double chin? Huh? What’s she talking about – that’s just for humans – and maybe a couple of Dogs – even if I had one has she not seen my beard?

      Have fun buddy,

      Snoops :)

  5. People who say dogs can’t smile are dumb. Happy Day! Hailey and Zaphod
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted..Dog torture by LeeMy Profile

  6. You see Snoopy No Treat No Pose. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Molly The Wally recently posted..Flog It Blog It, Norman The Gnome Is Back!My Profile

  7. Oh, you’re so cute! I’d give you the treats even for not smiling!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Beach!My Profile

  8. Snoops, you are so right, make them reward you for the smiles :-)
    Misaki recently posted..What makes a good bed?My Profile

    • Hi Misaki,

      I’ve been a bit slow with this, seems like all the rest of you worked it out ages ago and I was giving away smiles for free!! Doh!! :)

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  9. Snoops, I’ll give you something to smile about….Your (dog) mommy is having a litter of beautiful baby beardies in early Dec.. Your gonna be a BIG BROTHER !.

    • Woohoo Jean!!

      I’m super excited that I’m gonna be a big brother again!! If the pups need any Mischief tips, just give me a call – Tee Hee

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  10. Snoopy, you have got to be one of the most photogenic dawgs in all blog-ville. Do you ever take a bad picture? We doubt it.

    the brown dawgs
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Follow-up FridayMy Profile

    • Thanks Browndawgs,

      Well guess what, Mum does manage to get some bad shots, even just now she took a bad hair day shot, she thinks it’s funny, sure she wouldn’t think it funny if I was taking pics of her bad hair day!! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  11. LOL Snoopy. Is there a dog that won’t smile for treats? Happy Friday!!
    Jodi recently posted..Follow-Up Friday (9-28-12)My Profile

  12. These are just the sweetest pics, Snoopy! Smile or no smile you melt my heart! :)
    Bassetmomma recently posted..Ode to the HoundsMy Profile

  13. There ya go Snoopy! ONLY do it when there is something in it for YOU! I like your style pal!!! Oh and I LOVE your “do” BOL!!!!

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota
    caren gittleman recently posted..“Devious?” Never! “Clever?” Of course! “Genius?” ABSOLUTELY!My Profile

    • Thanks Dakota,

      I’m learning – I’m trying not to think about all the treats I’ve missed out on and focus on all those I’ve still to get!! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  14. Aww, great photos! Love your smile. :)

    I’m smiling too- because today’s finally Friday! Have a great weekend, Snoopy.


    Mary Hunter recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Nice to meet you!My Profile

  15. Moms always have that camera pointed at us. What’s a star gotta do to get a break.

  16. Oh Snoopy you have a great smile – I smile when a treat’s headed my way too! Otherwise I try to refrain from smiling a lot – don’t want my humans thinking I’m so happy they don’t have to TRY to keep me happy….know what I mean????? :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

  17. Awwww Snoops, you have a magnificent smile..I’mz smiling back at youz buddie :) Luv’s you xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie recently posted..RANDOM and WINNER OF NAUGHTIEST 2012!My Profile

  18. I am really good with modeling for mom and her camera too but I like to make sure that mom remembers I have the upper paw – when I won’t, then I won’t but usually I do whatever she asks me to. TGIF!
    Emma recently posted..Fall with Fred | GBGVMy Profile

  19. Woof! Woof! YES I’m with gotta have treats. Happy Friday n Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    Golden Woofs! SUGAR recently posted..{Golden Wisdom} BLISSMy Profile

  20. Hah, she got a smile!

    I’d love to teach Elka a “smile” cue. I have to figure out how I want to go about it.
    Jen recently posted..The Silent TreatmentMy Profile

  21. I’m with you Snoops. NO treats. NO smile. Make ‘em work for their “cute” photos.
    Toby recently posted..A Study in BeggingMy Profile

  22. You certainly have a beautiful smile, Mr. Snoop!
    Tucker’s Mom recently posted..Breed LoveMy Profile

  23. Oh you are just so handsome and smart too to hold out for treats before the reward of your smile!

  24. So glad we are late on our WW Blog Hop since we got to see your cute smile!!!

    See you next Wed, if not before!

  25. I always do better for the camera when my person has treats too. You’d think they’d learn and do it all the time.
    Bongo recently posted..The Perfect WeedMy Profile

    • Hi Bongo,

      You’d think, but I guess they don’t think like a Dog – we have to be patient with them, mine’s a bit slow!! Tee Hee :)

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  26. :) You’re such a good pup!! (and so cute too!!)
    Julie recently posted..I’m back!My Profile

  27. Hey Snoops – what a beautiful smile :) Right back at ya :)
    So tell us..what was the treat? Do certain treats get bigger smiles ;)?
    Big Hugs XX

  28. LOL aw, what a wonderful smile!
    Kia recently posted..Blog Paws Blog Hop: Wordless Wednesday – On the ProwlMy Profile

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