Monday Mischief – Beware of Brownies and Oreos!!

Last Wednesday I mentioned that I’d been up to some MAJOR Mischief!!

Well, I wasn’t kidding!!

It all started when Mum and Dad suddenly vanished – Yep, I found myself at Cosmo’s (next door) and hey, my bed, food and everything was already there!!

Doh!!  They tricked me!!

It turns out they’d gone to visit family and friends in Europe – they even did a little sightseeing…..

How come I wasn’t invited to go too?


I was a little put out that I’d not been invited – but decided to make the best of it…..

On the day before Mum and Dad came home I was sure that Cosmo’s Guinea Pigs – Oreo and Brownie –  would enjoy coming out of their cage to play with us (No, of course I had no other motive for messing with them…….!! )

What I didn’t realize was that there was some glue near their cage…..

I can’t help thinking Oreo and Brownie could have warned me about the glue?


Introducing Mischief Master Class Rule No. 21 – Do some research!!

I should have checked it all out, but in my excitement I didn’t see the glue, and before I knew it I didn’t have a nice little fluffy Guinea Pig (or 2) in my paws, I had glue all over my paws!!

I tried to get unstuck, but then it was all over my face, then all over my chest – in fact I was covered in it!!

What did Cosmo do to help?  Yep, nothing!!  He stayed totally out of it – Such a Goodie Two Shoes!!


Cosmo, it’s not funny!! You’d could at least come and help me?!


When Cosmo’s Dad came home he found me – I’d added some leaves to my coat by now too!!

Cosmo’s Mum did some research and discovered that you can remove glue with vegetable oil, so I was covered in oil – they wanted to fix me before Mum and Dad got home!

They got the glue off – but now I was a greasy mess!

Before I knew it I was having Bath No. 1 (Yep, you guessed it – it didn’t stop there!)

My fluffiness didn’t return when I was dry – I still looked a greasy mess!

At 5.30 am the following morning (as Mum and Dad were flying home) – I was awoken to the sound of the bath running….

Before I could say yikes,  I was in the bathroom with the door shut!!

I tried really hard to avoid it, and there were paws stuck to the sides of the bath, but alas, I was all soggy again in no time!!

This is how I looked by the time Mum and Dad got home, despite Cosmo’s parents best efforts to clean me – I haven’t even got a clue what happened to my hair clip?! :)


So I was put on the grooming table for ages, then you guessed it – once I was done up there Bath No. 3 (in 24 hours) was commenced!!

I was starting to think I could do with webbed feet – I was spending so much time in water!!

Finally, when I dried off after this bath I was back to my normal fluffy (non-greasy) self!  And Cosmo had finally stopped laughing at me…….

Doh!!  Sometimes Mischief doesn’t quite go to plan…..

I wonder what everyone else has been up to?



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  1. Oh gosh Snoopy – that is some serious mischief! And all those baths…you poor guy. I bet you’re glad to have your family back home where they belong!
    Remy recently posted..A Bad Night and a Very Good MorningMy Profile

    • Hi Remy,

      You’re right, I’m glad my family came back (although I love being with Cosmo’s family – I hop to different beds every night there!!) :)

      I sure wasn’t expecting yet another bath when they returned! Doh!! :)

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  2. WOW, what a load of mischief! Glad to know you’re nice and fluffy again ;)
    Jen recently posted..Halloween Dog Costume Photo Contest!My Profile

    • Hi Jen,

      Yeah me too – I don’t think all you Girlies would like me to have a big sticky or greasy coat – I’m a big fluff ball again!! :)

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  3. Oh Snoop, that’s awful….all those baths. I guess maybe you need to watch were you put those big fluffy paws.
    Roxy the traveling dog recently posted..Monday Mischief-Let’s go!!My Profile

    • Hi Roxy,

      You’re so right buddy – I need to learn to be extra careful with these big fluffy paws – it seems they can land me in trouble!! :)

      Have fun buddy,

      Snoops :)

  4. Two French Bulldogs says:

    For sure you win the mischief award
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hey Snoopy, Jet here.

    DUDE! OMD, you really topped the Mischief Makers list this week for sure!

    I apologize for the slight delay from time of reading to commenting… I couldn’t stop Mom from laughing enough to type! She did not laugh at you, oh no, I promise… she laughed at the situation because she pictured each step described and photographed!

    Dude… btw, JJ can lend you her webbed feet since Little Miss Terrified of Pools and Bodies of Water obviously does not need the gifts she was given!

    Man, you make my double drop and roll two times since this morning’s Spa Day look like “what-ever!”
    Jet recently posted..Mischief Monday: We Thought We Saw A Poody Cat!My Profile

    • Hey Jet,

      Thanks for the offer on behalf of JJ – I’m hoping I’m not gonna need them, but you never know around here!!

      I’m glad I had your Mom laughing so much Dude!! I can see the funny side, now that they’ve stopped bathing me at last!! :)

      Big Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  6. Woof! Woof! Oh My GLUE n vegetable oil. Golden Laughs! I bet it was a very good bath. Happy MM. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar
    Golden Woofs! SUGAR recently posted..No Need For FINSMy Profile

    • Hi Sugar,

      It seemed to me like each bath lasted longer and longer…. doh!! The price of Mischief, hey?! :)

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  7. I’m rolling over on the floor right now – but no, I’m not laughing at you Snoopy – really I’m not. Well, maybe just a little. My mischief won’t be up for several hours, but it’s not nearly as funny as yours. I couldn’t find the glue.
    Bongo recently posted..Quail in the DesertMy Profile

    • Hey Bongo,

      Take it from me, it’s probably best if you can’t find the glue, it’s not pretty impossible to get unstuck once it’s on you, the more you try the more sticky you get!! Doh!! Glad I amused you though :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  8. Oops! The worst our guys usually get all over themselves is deer poop and such.
    Jana Rade recently posted..Adoption Monday: Cookie, Labrador Retriever Mix, Deerfield, NHMy Profile

  9. Oooh Snoops you really were a stuck up pooch there :).
    BUT even all these thousands of miles away I can hear – somewhere in Cosmo’s house – teeny tiny little squeaks of hilarious laughter….I really think that you made two little guinea pigs extremely happy. This time – revenge wasn’t sweet – it was very very sticky :) :)

    I hope you’re fully recovered soon Snoops – have a great day.

    • Hi Helen,

      Yep, the Guinea Pigs did seem to think my predicament was pretty funny!! I might think twice about going near them next time, they seem to be a little too good at plotting their Mischief!!

      Big Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  10. I hope your parents had fun in Europe! It sounds like you had a lot of fun at Cosmo’s :)
    Tootsie recently posted..Dachshund DruidMy Profile

    • Hi Tootsie,

      Oh yes I sure did, maybe a little too much fun!! But hey, whilst the parents are away the Dog should play, right?! Tee Hee

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  11. That wasn’t worth the mischief! 3 baths in 24 hours, you poor thing. I bet your mom and dad weren’t very happy about that either.
    Abby Dabby Doo recently posted..Football Weekend At Our HouseMy Profile

    • Hi Abby Dabby Doo,

      Well at least they weren’t the ones having the baths!! Oh no, that was all me!! Doh!! :)

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  12. Oh, Snoopy, Snoopy, Snoopy! That’s one for every bath. hee-hee! First off, did your parents go to Paris when they left you??? That looks like the Eiffel Tower! Wow! And they didn’t take you?! That was bad enough buddy, then to have 3 baths……I feel for you. I’m laughing yes, but I feel for you. Glue , oil and three baths…… that is an all star Monday Mischief for sure!!

    P.S. You sure looks different when you let your hair down! LOL!
    Bassetmomma recently posted..Monday Mischief – What Is It With Kleenexes?My Profile

    • Hi Bassetmomma,

      Yep, they went to England and France – I couldn’t believe they didn’t take me either!! Thanks for your sympathy for my trio of baths – even if you are laughing as well!!

      I love that I’ve impressed everyone with my level of Mischief though, starting to make those baths feel like a distant memory!! Tee Hee

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  13. Oh no Snoopy. It looks like the mischief was all on you! We bet Oreo and Brownie had been plotting the whole thing for days!

    the brown dawgs
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Monday Mischief–Pine NeedlesMy Profile

  14. Oh Snoopy. It is terrible that the glue was planted there to make you a mess. Hope you can go a few days without a bath. Hailey and Zaphod
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted..Accident updateMy Profile

  15. I’m sorry to hear this buddy. I mean, hearing it from your point of view makes me feel such a guilty person for laughing at what you had to go through. I’m so sorry.

    Huggies and Cheese,

    haopee recently posted..Mischief Monday: Evuhl Evuhl Human!My Profile

    • Hi Haopee,

      Well, I guess it’s ok to laugh just a little at my predicament – even Mum found it funny!! And there was me only thinking I was gonna entertain the Guinea Pigs!!

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  16. Oh Snoopy, all that mischief! Maybe this award will help calm things down!
    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig
    Katie recently posted..Another award from a special friend!My Profile

  17. LOL! That was some great mischief. I don’t blame you for trying to “play” with Oreo and Brownie. I mean, what’s with peoples and naming their animals after food! Good thing you didn’t get them glued to you fur too! Although – THAT would have been funny!
    Toby recently posted..How About HUNTER?My Profile

    • Hey Toby,

      You get it buddy – imagine how hungry I was all the time cos I kept hearing about Oreo’s and Brownies!! :)

      I didn’t even think of them getting stuck to my fur, that thought had me cracking up!! Good one Toby!! :)

      Big wags Dude,

      Snoops :)

  18. Oh my dog Snoops. 3 baffs..That will teach ya..BOL Oh I bet youz waz a real mess, if it waz hot, youz could of cooked an egg on ya back wiff all that oil :) Could of been worse, could of got one of those piggies stuck to ya paw’z.. xx000xx

    Mollie and Alfie
    Mollie and Alfie recently posted..WAT A DO ABOUT’Z NUFFIN!My Profile

    • Oh Mollie,

      It doesn’t even bear thinking about, I’d have been so freaked out with a Pig on my paw – and it would have been squealing at me too!!

      The fried egg breakfast sounds good though!! And I wouldn’t have shared it with Cosmo cos he was totally useless innocent in this Mischief!! :)

      You’d think I’d learn my lesson, but I’m just not so sure?! Tee Hee

      Big wags,

      Snoops :)

  19. How old is your doggie now? Awwww, so cute and fluffy. I have dogs too but they don’t have long hair like yours. I like your Eiffel Tower photo too. Who took the shot?


  20. If your mom and dad would have just taken you with them you wouldn’t have been in that mess! Doh! How dare them leave you at home!!!! We feel your pain Snoopy! Our parents are planning a trip to the Bahamas and we thinks they are going to leave us at home:( Maybe we can cause some good mischief while they are gone!
    Dogs N Pawz recently posted..Black and White SundayMy Profile

    • Hey Guys,

      At least you’ve got some notice – have a party!! Tee Hee – My parents sneak off on me at the last second, so Cosmo and I never have time to arrange anything – doh!! :)

      I hear Bahamas is lovely – I hope you’re humans have a great time :)

      Snoops :)

  21. OH WOW my friend!! Or should I say my STICKY friend!? You REALLY did a number on yourself this time!! You get the Mischief award this week!
    You know what? You should have rolled in more leaves, had Cosmo’s Mom take a photo and that could have been your Halloween costume this year. You could have gone as a GIANT LEAF PILE!!! BOL!!!

    Soooo tell me? Is Cosmo’s Mom willing to dog sit for you after THAT mischief????

    On the other paw, you sure got back at your parents for leaving you! Great job!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota
    caren gittleman recently posted..Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Snoozer Orthopedic Cozy Cave Pet BedMy Profile

    • Woohoo Dakota,

      I got the Mischief award!! It was worth all the baths then!! :)

      I love your Halloween idea, that made me chuckle and it may be a better costume than whatever Mum’s got in store for me?! Have you got a costume?

      Your question about Cosmo’s Mom – that’s a good one – I dunno – hope I didn’t blow it!!

      I hope you’re having a fun day buddy,

      Snoops :)

  22. Wow Snoppy we can’t compete with that. Yikes the thought of all those baths. I once got attacked by cellotape so I can sympathise. Have a great Monday buddy.
    Best wishes Molly
    Molly The Wally recently posted..Dog House Blog, Life’s A Bitch When You Are Rich!My Profile

    • Tee Hee Molly,

      You reminded me of when I got ‘attacked’ by tape too – it was when we had decorators and they put all this tape everywhere, it was like an obstacle course – or was it a playground?! :)

      I hope you’re having a fun day,

      Snoops :)

  23. Poor Snoopy. You’re starting to convince me that mischief doesn’t pay. That can’t be right.
    Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes recently posted..Who’d Make a Better Leader, You or Your Dog? – Take the SurveyMy Profile

    • Oh no Pamela,

      That sure wasn’t my intention!! Have you seen all the kudos I’ve been getting from the other Mischief Makers – see, it does pay, even if it costs you 3 baths in 24 hours – I must have been the cleanest Dog in the World!! I wonder if that’s a Guinness World Record? Tee Hee

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  24. Oh boy – mom heard about the glue and could not believe it – what a terrible mess you got into! Glad you are back to normal! That was serious mischief ;)
    Emma recently posted..New Blog Awards | GBGVMy Profile

    • Hi Emma,

      It sure was, I can’t think of any more Mischievous Mischief that I’ve done before, I think I surpassed myself!! Tee Hee

      I hope you’re having a fun day,

      Snoops :)

  25. OMD Snoopy! Glue all over you??? Now that is some mischief! I can’t even imagine what a mess that made of you fur! Sorry to hear you had to suffer through countless baths, but glad there’s no more glue stuck on you:)
    Jen recently posted..Monday Mischief. Gibby MischiefMy Profile

    • Hi Jen,

      Yeah, I was kinda a big mess!! Can you imagine Leroy or Sherman covered in glue? Nope – fur and glue really don’t go together too well, well actually they do, but then you can’t get them apart – believe me I tried!! :) Thank goodness Cosmo’s Mum is so awesome and she fixed me :)

      I hope you’re having a fun day,

      Snoops :)

  26. OMD, Snoopy. That was some kind of mischief! And all those baths…EGAD.
    Sage recently posted..A Frisbee on the BeachMy Profile

  27. You poor poor thing!! One bath is bad enough , but three!! You deserve some treats for that!
    Misaki recently posted..Walk in the woodsMy Profile

  28. Oh my! I think you deserve some extra treats!
    Diane and Cosmo @ To Dog With Love recently posted..When a Dog Show is More Than a Dog Show!My Profile

    • Hi Diane and Cosmo,

      I think you’re right and I think I know just the right ones, Mum’s been very tight in rationing those Dentastix I won in your contest, maybe I can get her to double my quota?! Tee Hee

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  29. Your parents go to travel in Europe while you got to get stuck with glue? Not fair!

    • Exactly Tootsie,

      There are a lot of things that aren’t fair around here! In my opinion! :)

      I wish I was small like you cos then I’d have a chance of traveling on planes next to my family – doh!!

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  30. First of all, I LOVE guinea pigs. I used to have several, my last one was named Gulliver. I love the squeaks and purrs!
    Second, now you’ve made me hungry for brownies and oreos.
    Third, 3 baths in 24 hours? That is just not right!!
    Peggy Frezon recently posted..Do Something Good Today with #BTC4AMy Profile

    • Hi Peggy,

      I LOVE Guinea Pigs too!! But Mum says I’m a little too interested in them? Huh?

      I agree with you even 1 bath in 24 hours is too much, let alone 3!!

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  31. Oh my goodness Snoopy! That’s some royally excellent mischief on your part, but you sure paid a big price – nothing’s worth 3 baths!!! Those guinea pigs sure were tempting playmates though, I wouldn’t have taken time to think about the glue either. I’m sure your mom and dad had a wonderful time on their trip – good to have them back home! :D
    Daisy recently posted..Scrumptious, Yummy, Sweet Treat!My Profile

    • Hi Daisy,

      Yeah, I got SO excited at the thought of playing with Oreo and Brownie that I forgot my surroundings – I think that was there plan!! Doh!!

      Hope you’re having a fun day buddy :)

      Snoops :)

  32. Oh dear! I’m thankful Kyuss has a short coat as he tends to get into lots of mischief! Sorry to hear about the soggy weekend!
    Pennypup recently posted..Windsor Hates Those Chihuahuas!My Profile

    • Hi Pennypup,

      Yeah, long fur and glue really don’t go well together!! I’m sure no fur is good around glue, but I really got into a sticky mess – doh!!

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  33. Snoopy, oh my! First you miss the Eiffel Tower (great photograph) and then you have to endure bath after bath. Poor Cosmo’s parents, having to explain to your parents what happened. I don’t see how anyone could top this mischief! I’ll be back for WW.

    • Hi Kristin,

      Yeah, now the baths are over I’m kinda proud of my level of Mischief!! Tee Hee – Not sure my parents are so proud? :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  34. Three baths! How crazy, but I think you needed it! Paris is a dog loving town, it’s just hard to get there as a big dog, due to airlines will not let us fly in the cabin…as of yet!
    Maggie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop Sleepy DogMy Profile

    • Hi Maggie,

      Paris sure is great for Dogs – they can even go inside restaurants – which I guess is just like us being at home whilst our families eat? Wish we could do that in the US – now, we just need to figure out how to get me there on the plane?! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  35. That’s a lot of baths in one day!
    Clowie recently posted..A Tale of the RiverbankMy Profile

  36. Roooo Snoopy that is some pawsome mischief, even though I’m sure you didn’t quite predict just how many baths you’d need! *waggy tail*
    Alfie |Alfie’s Blog recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – How to shake it like a pro!My Profile

    • Hi Alfie,

      Yeah, I kinda slipped up on my research and really didn’t think this one through – but who would have guessed 3 baths buddy?! It’s unheard of!!

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  37. Oh no!!! Cali got several baths Friday night . . .she had a little encounter with a SKUNK!! Her nose is still a little stinky!! I’m glad they were able to get the glue out :)
    Julie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #44My Profile


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