Monday Mischief – Mischief at the vets!

Before I start today, I just want to send hugs to my buddy Brooks who went to the Rainbow Bridge this weekend – Also big hugs for his family, we’re thinking of you….


If you saw my post on Wednesday, you’ll know that Mum caught me limping again! (Huge thanks for all the get well wishes – I have the best friends!)

Of course, Mum catching me limping meant another trip to the vets – doh!

I love my vet Dr Rick, but I’m old enough now to know it’s not all fun and games every time I go there!

I made sure I wasn’t limping by the time we arrived and we went into the exam room – I immediately hopped onto the humans seat – it’s safe there, cos nothing bad happens to the humans, right?! :)


Mum, you don't mind if I have the seat this time do you?

Mum, you don’t mind if I have the seat this time do you?


Normally I'm over here with my paws up trying to get to the cookies!  Tee Hee

Normally I’m over here with my paws up trying to get to the cookies! Tee Hee


As we waited I started to get a little nervous I think Mum was getting a little nervous! :)

Are you ok Mum?

Are you ok Mum?


Here Mum, you can hold my paw!

Here Mum, you can hold my paw!


I let Mum hold my paw as soon as the nurse came in and when she let go I made her hold it again, you know, just to make her feel better!  She said I was a Scaredy Cat – No idea what she’s talking about!

When Dr Rick came in, I turned around on the bench and hid in the corner, well until, he brought out the cookies! :)

Luckily nothing happened and I got to go home after a little walk in the parking lot to prove to Dr Rick there was nothing wrong with my leg, Mum then had to take a video of me at home to send to him – doh!

Mum and Dad tricked me so they could get the video and Mum insists I show you it, so she can prove she wasn’t making it up about my limp – It looks super bad on the video – doh!

YouTube Preview Image

This video whisked it’s way off to Dr Rick and I had to go back again on Saturday morning to the vet – but guess what, by this time I’m totally cured – Yep, less than 2 days after the video – No Limp!  Tee Hee

The great news is Dr Rick said I can run again – woohoo!!  I think I’m gonna be monitored….. nothing new there…. :)

I wonder what mischief everyone else has been up to?



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  1. Glad your leg is better Snoopy. Don’t blame you for being worried at the vet. We get worried there sometimes too. :)

    the brown dawgs
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Follow-up Friday 4-5-13My Profile

  2. That video does look super bad :( I’m glad you’re miraculously cured!

    It’s very sweet that you held hands at the vet. It must have helped her feel better!
    Jen recently posted..Product review: The Kong AirMy Profile

  3. That is great mischief – excellent job! Lee and Phod who learn so much from you!
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted..Another clue to the Mystery of LeeMy Profile

  4. Glad your limp is all gone, hooray for you! I didn’t think it looked too bad on the video. I always get treats at my vet too. It seems I’m always going for one thing or another, but I like to stop in along my walks too to say hello to everyone. I have lots of friends there!
    Abby Dabby Doo recently posted..Sunday Sharing: 4 Questions–Can You Answer Any?My Profile

    • Thanks Abby Dabby Doo,

      That’s cool that you get treats whenever you go to the vets and often include a stop on your walks! Mine is too far away to walk, but I think that is a good thing! :)

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  5. That’s some might fine mischief, Snoopy! Glad your limp in better.
    Sage recently posted..B&W TongueMy Profile

  6. The vet’s all worth it for the cookies.
    Bongo recently posted..A Hole in the RoofMy Profile

    • Hi Bongo,

      I’d like to agree with you, but I’d give up the cookie if they gave up the thermometer!

      Hope you’re having a fun day :)

      Snoops :)

  7. So glad your limp is gone! Woof from Jeffie, Rudy and Rosie
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted..Mischief Monday: Too Much Party Punch?My Profile

  8. So sorry about your friend, Snoopy! Glad your leg is better and you had some fun tricking the vet and your mom…nice work!
    emma recently posted..Bad Beans | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  9. I would say that proves you are only part mischief, in the leg. Hee hee.
    Roxy the traveling dog recently posted..Monday assortmentMy Profile

  10. Alfie, you’re a good mischief maker. Limps are no fun though – especially if you can’t run. Be careful.

    • Hi Slimdoggy,

      You’re right, it was no fun not being allowed to run, so I was super happy to run again this morning! Yay :)

      I hope you’re having a fun day,

      Snoops :)

  11. Hi Snoopy,
    So glad that your not liming anymore and that you get to run around! All the better to get into mischief!
    Maggie recently posted..A Wagging Ultimate Blog PartyMy Profile

    • Thanks Maggie,

      You’re so right, I think Mum knew I was getting better when I kept jumping up on the bed the other day – Tee Hee :)

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  12. We’re very sorry to hear about your friend. :(
    Nichole recently posted..Monday MischiefMy Profile

  13. Snoopy, April Fool’s Day is only one day, not all month. Don’t be tricking your mama and daddy like that! Sooner or later Dr. Rick will give you shots if you keep limping.
    Flea recently posted..Funny Bone Monday, 18My Profile

  14. Sorry to hear about your furiend. Always sad.
    I LOVE the way your tail slowly wags with every step you take … that’s ”swagger” that is Snoopy!
    Glad the paw’s pawfect now. *wag wag wag*
    Bella recently posted..New Rules …My Profile

    • Hey Bella

      My tail swagged even more when I read you were impressed with my swagger!! Woohoo!! You now how I love to impress you girlies!!

      Wags back to you,

      Snoops :)

  15. We knew it was a sports injury Snoopy. Just a sprain. Great news you can run again but take it easy. We hate the dogtor too. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Molly The Wally recently posted..Flog It Blog It, Bricking It!My Profile

    • Hi Molly,

      Yep, I’m super happy to be running again, Mum had to tell me to slow down this morning as I was so fast outta the blocks on our run! :)

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  16. Glad your leg is better! You are pretty tricky and smart to fool your mum like that! Have a great Monday!
    Dogs N Pawz recently posted..Monday Mischief #42: Squirrels BEWARE!My Profile

  17. You know, I am always more nervous than Taylor whenever we are at the vet’s…I’m so happy you helped your mommy through the visit! And I’m thrilled that you are feeling better! Happy Mischief Monday!

  18. We’re sorry about your friend, Snoopy – but we’re glad you’re feeling better!
    Coralee and Finn recently posted..Monday Mischief: PupcakesMy Profile

  19. Yeah, youz can run again Snoops, I waz wondering if youz waz get get up in that video, your foot’z waz sore .. All better now’z xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie
    mollieandalfie recently posted..HAPPY MUNDAY’ZMy Profile

    • Hi Mollie and Alfie,

      Yay – I can run! I wasn’t sure I would get up either, Mum had been helping me to get up for a few days, but she needed to show Dr Rick how hard it was for me, she felt really bad not helping me…..

      Hope you’re having a fun day guys,

      Snoops :)

  20. This is such a sweet post. Great photos too. Thanks for this.

  21. thank goodness you are ok! It sure DID look bad in the video. No more limping pal!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota
    Caren Gittleman recently posted..New PetCakes Winner-Mish-mash MondayMy Profile

  22. You’re so nice to hold your mum’s hand at the vet so she wouldn’t be scared. You’re so thoughtful that way! Your limp doesn’t look too good in the video. So glad you are doing better and got the “all clear” from the vet!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..FitDog Friday: Kale – Good For You & Your PupMy Profile

    • Thanks Jackie,

      I didn’t want Mum to be so scared, I gave her my paw and kept look out for anything scary heading our way! :)

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  23. What mischief, Snoopy! We are glad you are better!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig
    Katie and Coccolino recently posted..The pigs around townMy Profile

  24. Hi! I came over from Bunk’s Blog. I love participating in blog hops because I meet the most amazing FURiends. I had an owie on my paw once that required a vet visit. It was fun because the vet lady was sooooooooo friendly.
    Love Noodles
    Noodles recently posted..Bless the Mouse – I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My Profile

    • Hi Noodle,

      Thanks for visiting buddy :) Sorry about your owie – aren’t the people at the vets all so nice, just wish they’d dump the thermometer and shot thingies!! :)

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  25. That’s very smart that you know not to limp when the vet is looking. But then again, perhaps it’s not so smart. How are you going to get better if you try to trick the vet? Poor Snoopy. :(
    Dawn recently posted..Emerging from Rescue Dog to Family DogMy Profile

  26. You’ve got a mystery limp there Snoopy…and it’s very mischievous …playing pranks on you and your V-E-T and worrying your momz like that…Glad it’s feeling better but you be careful now
    GizmoGeodog recently posted..Dog Tags Gone Wild–Mischief MondayMy Profile

    • Hi Gizmo,

      It sure was a mystery buddy – it came from nowhere and disappeared back to nowhere too!! I’m hoping I’m fully fixed now, I sure feel good, running around like an idiot Mum says – Tee Hee

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  27. Good job making yourself better, Snoopy! Being monitored is no fun. Life is all about running! And naps. And treats. And toys. And cuddling. Wait. What was I saying…..?

    Love and licks,
    Genevieve recently posted..ABCMy Profile

    • Hey Cupcake,

      By the way, you always make me hungry and think of cupcakes! Tee Hee

      Anyway, you’re right, I hate being monitored, Mum’s always checking on me when I want to nap or play or instead of feeding me treats! :)

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  28. Glad that you were able to make that mystery go away. Stay well so you can keep blog hopping.
    dogdaz recently posted..4.8.13 Monday Mischief: Singing 4 SupperMy Profile

    • Hi Dogdaz,

      Yep, as soon as I knew I was going back to the vets – poof – the limp was gone!! Tee Hee

      I hope you’re having a fun day,

      Snoops :)

  29. What a great idea your Mom had of taking a video of your limp Snoopy! looks ouchy but I’m so glad that the limp just disappeared!
    Jen recently posted..Squeaky CleanMy Profile

    • Hi Jen,

      She came up with the idea when the vet said she needed to get me in whenever I was limping, as it was on and off, she thought it would be easier to capture me on video as it was more likely to happen early morning or late at night – doh, she was right! :) I’m happy it vanished too – I can run again! :)

      I hope you’re having a fun day,

      Snoops :)

  30. Good to know your limp is getting better Snoopy :)
    Vet isn’t that bad ;)
    Novroz recently posted..No Fungus, Just SheddingMy Profile

    • Thanks Novroz,

      The vet isn’t bad, I agree, in fact he’s very nice, I’m just very suspicious of what he’s gonna get up to!

      Wags to all

      Snoops :)

  31. Snoopy I think you like messin’ with your Mom ;) I hope you little self gets to feeling back to 100% fast! Lots of hugs your way!!
    Max and Max’s Ma

  32. Glad your limp is better Snoopy. How nice of you to comfort your mom at the vets and make sure she wasn’t nervous!
    Donna recently posted..A Much Needed Mountain RetreatMy Profile

  33. It’s my first time here. I hope the leg feels better now. Aren’t you afraid to be at the exam room? cos my dog hates it all the time and that frustrates me, lol.
    Be careful always.
    Dog Aggression Training by Jim recently posted..Pit Bull Terrier – Breed Discrimination in AmericaMy Profile

  34. Glad it was all good Snoopy, and hopefully looking like just a false alarm with the limp. If I saw Kirby doing that I would have been just as nervous. Here Snoopy is making you guys out like liars, lol
    kirbysdawgblog recently posted..Hey wordless Wednesday, breaking the rulesMy Profile

    • Thanks Kirby’s Mom,

      I was running with Mom and Cosmo on Monday and my limp hasn’t come back, now Mum’s got a sore throat so we’re back to walking again – doh! But hopefully the ‘mystery’ limp is gone for good! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  35. I’m glad you’re feeling better Snoopy, but did they ever figure out what it was?
    Jodi recently posted..Wellness Wednesday – Fleas and TicksMy Profile

    • Thanks Jodi,

      The suspicion right now is a pulled muscle, cos it comes and goes, yesterday morning I couldn’t put my weight on it for a few seconds AFTER I’d chased a squirrel across the fence in the garden :) – so Mum thinks it makes sense! If I start limping big time again I get to go back to the vet – doh!

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  36. I am glad there wasn’t anything bad wrong with your leg. Sometimes I my back hurts for a few days for seemingly no reason then goes away on it’s own.
    Jessica@YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner recently posted..We Finished the Idita-Walk!My Profile

  37. I’m glad your leg is improving!
    Clowie recently posted..The would-be thiefMy Profile

  38. Great that you’re feeling loads better Snoops!
    Misaki recently posted..Home againMy Profile


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