I’m not posing!

Mum thinks I’m a bit of a poser, I have no clue where she gets that idea from – I’m just checking out all the pretty leaves that are falling on the grass! :)

Bearded collie


Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone! :)




  1. Even if you are posing, it’s a great pose Snoopy.
    slimdoggy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 11-21-13My Profile

  2. You can’t help that you’re photogenic! Mr. N thinks if I’m holding my phone in his direction, I’m taking a picture of him and poses.
    Tenacious Little Terrier recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #15 – Forest PrimevalMy Profile

    • Haha

      Mr N, I’m sure she is every time! Mums nephew did that when he was younger, which was cute, but didn’t work so well when she was videoing him, cos he just stood there all still with a smile on his face! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  3. Don’t take any notice, Snoopy! If you moved, she’d say you were into mischief!
    Clowie recently posted..IndecisionMy Profile

  4. Pose or not, it is a very nice picture!

    Happy WW.

    the brown dawgs
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Wordless Wednesday–EscapeMy Profile

  5. You look great Snoopy. And wihthout even being a “poser.” ;-)
    Donna and the Dogs recently posted..Tuesday’s Tails – Meet PowellMy Profile

  6. you’re certainly photogenic, Snoopy!
    Michelle Liew recently posted..States of sleepMy Profile

  7. You look great!!

  8. The leaves are beautiful, but you’re the best looking thing on that lawn, Snoopy! Pose all you want, we love it! :)
    Daisy recently posted..Monday Mischief: The Dreaded CONE Has Appeared!!My Profile

  9. Very pretty indeed Snoopy and you look fabulous. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Molly The Wally recently posted..Dog House Blog, Nearly Wordless Wednesday!My Profile

  10. Cute dog face. My dog will not pose for the camera at all. I think she is camera shy.
    My entry is #88.

  11. Hi Snoopy, great picture, have a great Wednesday!

  12. Bella and DiDi: Snoopy you look very handsome! We think the humans should pose or pause more. They are too busy.
    Paws to Talk recently posted..Bella the Poodle: (Wordless Wednesday) Let Someone Help You Out!My Profile

  13. I can see you take your modeling jobs seriously! A true professional. And so handsome!!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Being Wordless With the Word of the YearMy Profile

  14. Nothing wrong with being a poser…it just means that you know how photographic you are and you want the entire world to see you. I love to pose :)
    emma recently posted..Looking Smart | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  15. You look so handsome admid those leaves Snoops
    Misaki recently posted..WW: Let’s play ball!My Profile

  16. Love the pic, but I have to say I’m really envious of that lawn… nice lush and green! Ours is typical of TN winter, dead grass and mud patches! Which our pups love to bring in the house bit by bit.
    Victoria Carter recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #5My Profile

    • Thanks Victoria,

      Ooooh mud, we really have only had a teeny bit of rain so far here in California so our grass is still intact! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  17. Beautiful picture! How do you keep your coat so nice and shiny when outside? My dogs would have mud and leaves all over them! :)

    • Hi Erin,

      We’re lucky cos we don’t have much rain here in California, however the leaves do jump onto my coat, but I just let them drop off in the house – Tee Hee

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  18. I love me some leaves! But… there are none here right now! Dad says they will be back, … NEXT YEAR! In the meantime I get to play in the fun white stuff called “SnOw!”

    • Hey Tigs

      That’s unreal that you have to wait until next year to play in the leaves again, but I have a feeling you’re gonna have lottsa fun in the snow buddy!

      Wags to all,

      Your Uncle Snoops :)

  19. Looks like Snoopy’s putting the pose on. Made you take a pic…..
    Paws and Pedals (Kate & Scooter) recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #24My Profile

  20. And you look mighty fine doing it too, Snoopy!
    Jodi recently posted..Which Way Do We Go?My Profile

  21. You are so naturally adorable, Snoopy. You can’t help it if your mom thinks you are always busy posing. Have a great day!

    Your furiends,
    Bella, Terra, & Kronos
    Cattle Aussies~Bella, Terra, & Kronos recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Fall PhotoshootMy Profile

  22. Posing or not it’s a great photo!
    Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom recently posted..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  23. Good boy, Snoop! I think I agree with your mom, though! :)
    Lindsay recently posted..Five things experienced dog walkers should knowMy Profile

  24. I would never accuse you of being a poser!

    Stop on by for a visit
    Kari recently posted..A Mesa UpdateMy Profile

  25. You are a super poser, that’s why I lub’z you..How do you get those pawfect fur’z BOL xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie
    mollie and alfie recently posted..IM’Z SUCH’Z A COMEDIEN. BOL!My Profile

    • Hey Mollie

      The pawfect fur’z is a result of hours and days on the grooming table, just kidding, it’s not quite that long…. :)

      I lub’z you too (oh you’re making me go all mushy on you!) :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  26. Well, posing or not, you make a very handsome picture! You just can’t help that. :)
    Jan K recently posted..Book Giveaway: Chaser (the Dog Who Knows 1000 Words) #Chaser1000My Profile

  27. You’re very good at posing… a professional poser, I’d say. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Isn’t there a slang meaning to the name poser? ;)
    Dawn recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Playing DogsMy Profile

  28. You are awesome looking, Snoopy, posing or not!

    Christie from lifewithbeagle.com
    Christie Zizo recently posted..Almost Wordless Wednesday: Demanding a rubMy Profile

  29. They are pretty, but don’t let too many get in your beautiful coat!
    sassmuffins recently posted..Brush Those Teeth!My Profile

  30. Snoops, you model dog you! Posing or not, you look pretty model ready :-)
    Coccolino recently posted..Mini pig versus world – truce is OFF!My Profile

  31. You’re a handsome dog, Snoopy. :)
    Flea recently posted..Are Bones Messy? And Other QuestionsMy Profile

  32. Posing or no posing, that’s apawsome look out spot for keeping an eye on the garden *Waggy tail*
    Alfie – Alfie’s Blog recently posted..Alfie is Feeling Better – but he really wants a game of fetchMy Profile

  33. There is nothing wrong with wanting to put your best foot (or should I say paw?) forward, Snoopy! Keep posing for those photos. I enjoy seeing each and every one! Much love, The Scottie Mom.
    The Scottie Mom recently posted..Catching FireMy Profile

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