Monday Mischief – Super Sonic Hearing

I don’t think Mum realizes how good my hearing is, she thinks cos I have big floppy, fluffy ears I can’t hear her getting up to mischief!

I can even hear her when I’m outside and she’s inside…..


Hold on a second, what are you up to Mum?

Hold on a second, what are you up to Mum?


Just as I suspected, Mum was trying to use the Coconut oil without telling me and giving me some too!

Just as I suspected, Mum was trying to use the Coconut oil without telling me and giving me some too!


"You seriously thought I wouldn't hear you?  Come on, hand some over!" :)

“You seriously thought I wouldn’t hear you? Come on, hand some over!” :)


Yep, I really can hear when Mum moves this jar on the counter or she takes the lid off, she had no clue I could even hear her outside until my face appeared at the window when she was being mischievous and trying to use it without telling me!

Oh, I’m so obsessed with Coconut Oil, I love to get some every day, but Mum says it’s ok as it’s good for me! :)

Does anyone else have Super Sonic hearing, so they can detect mischief? :)




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  1. We can hear pet food cans being opened from anywhere in the house. Lee also knows the sound of the dishwasher being opened when it is dirty (she knows when it is clean). Lee and Phod
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted..Black and White Sunday – SnowMy Profile

  2. I can hear miles away when someone is opening a Tuna can ;-)
    Happy Monday , pal !

  3. Our beagle was like that. She could hear a spoon being taken from the silverware drawer even if she was 3 rooms away. Rita’s not quite as good, although she does seem to know the sound of a human walking past the pantry, where her treats are stored!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: Mischief-less In 7 Letters or LessMy Profile

  4. Rooo Snoopy – you have some pawsome ears that’s for sure. Listening out for treat bags being opened is a core skill in any mischief makers arsenal *waggy tail*
    Alfie – Alfie’s Blog recently posted..Impawtant Question – Is your Christmas Stocking up yet?My Profile

  5. My guys detect the sound of the treat jar from 100 paces or more!
    slimdoggy recently posted..Family Mischief – Senior StoriesMy Profile

  6. Oh yes, Daisy has the same supersonic hearing. No matter how far away in the house she is, she knows right away if I pick up the vegetable peeler and she comes running (well, she used to before she got her giant boo-boo!) because she thinks there’s a good chance I’ll be cutting up carrots and she stare her way into getting a piece!
    Daisy recently posted..Monday Mischief: The Dreaded CONE Has Appeared!!My Profile

  7. It’s a good thing us dogs can hear so well or our people would get away with all kinds of mischief. We’ve got to keep them in line.
    Bongo recently posted..The Lost SheepMy Profile

  8. Coconut Oil? Whats that all about Uncle Snoops?
    Tigs recently posted..My ‘brother’ is a Sheltie!My Profile

    • Hey Tigs,

      Oh boy that’s something so special, it’s SUPER yummy, and what’s best is Mum says it’s really healthy too! Yummmmmm! :)

      Have fun buddy

      Uncle Snoops :)

  9. Yes, they can hear treat bags being opened from anywhere in the house. And cheese. They always know when I’m eating that.

  10. You have dog ears, Snoopy! I’ll bet your nose works pretty well, too. My kids swear I’m going deaf, but I took a hearing test at the doctor’s and she says that my kids are just mumbling.
    Flea recently posted..Funny Bone Monday, 48My Profile

  11. Good thing you have good hearing Snoopy. Make sure your mom shares with you.

    your pals, the brown dawgs
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Monday Mischief–The Yard Is Not A Snack BarMy Profile

  12. That would be Torrey. She can hear stuff from outside too, There is no tricking this dog.

  13. Sherman can hear the lid coming off the treats jar from miles away!
    Jen recently posted..Hiking Issues And How We Are Dealing With ThemMy Profile

  14. Two French Bulldogs says:

    I hear cheese wrappers 20 miles away

  15. Moms can be so naive! My mom thinks she can open the treat drawer without us finding our or even worse, give just one of us a treat in secret…News Flash to moms out there…we don’t need eyes in the backs of our heads because we have ears with awesome selective hearing.
    emma recently posted..Poop Patrol | GBGV | #ScoopThatPoopMy Profile

    • Hey Emma

      You’re saying your Mom plays favorite and hands out treats to selective animals?! That’s outrageous – Mischief for sure! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  16. Is that supersonic ear or supersonic nose? hahaha

    I have supersonic nose…I can smell food from far away ;)
    Kroten recently posted..She Knows Her Mommy!My Profile

  17. Hi Y’all!

    Oh yes, Snoopy! We hear things outside and the Humans think I’m barkin’ at nothin’! The other day my Human got to the door in time to let me outside and she SAW!! YES SHE SAW IT!!! what I was barkin’ at…a BOBCAT!!!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted..Mischief, Not ME!My Profile

  18. I always hear when our postman is on his way!
    It is so much fun to bark at him … but
    I really like him :-)
    Hugs from Stina in Sweden
    *waggy Tail*
    Fina Stina recently posted..Monday Mischief : ”My Well Done tree”My Profile

  19. Mr. K has Super Sonic hearing anytime a C-A-T is around. He can detect one from a mile away! Heather has learned when someone is approaching the front door and she sits really still, hoping to hear her Scottie Grandpadre at the door with a treat. Once it is confirmed that our guest is indeed her Scottie Grandpadre, there is no holding her back! Much love, The Scottie Mom.

  20. We are so with you Snoopy. Ancient Pip has been having accidents so peeps got her a little plastic box with tiny treats in. If she goes out and does the biz she gets one. Starting to work wonders. Trouble is I listen out for it and butt in. Also same nowadays when the fridge door opens. No flies on us pal.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Molly The Wally recently posted..Mischief Mionday, John Lewis Has Gone To The Dogs!My Profile

  21. Super-Sonic SELECTIVE hearing, you mean. :D
    SephiAndMaya recently posted..Funny Dogs Car Talk Adventures – Episode 1: IntroductionsMy Profile

  22. How dare she use it without giving you some?

    Stop on by for a visit
    Kari recently posted..Review: SmartFilletsMy Profile

  23. That is one cute dog! Reminds me of the movie Shaggy DA
    Jim recently posted..Bella Playing With Her Squeaky ToyMy Profile

  24. Wow, you are a super cool dog! We love your beautiful fur or hair. We are little terriers with short coats. We can hear mom coming home when she is a block away. We are often barking to say “hello, hurry home” to mom for about ten minutes. Our neighbors tell mom. We live in an apartment building. Mom hopes we don’t get into trouble!

    Kessie and Livvie of
    Terry Cramer recently posted..Monday MischiefMy Profile

  25. Snoopy, coconut oil is DELICIOUS! Yum. Good for you for hearing that. I’m pretty good too. I hear a bag rustle, a celery stalk snap or a peanut crack and I’m on you before you put it in your mouth :-)
    Coccolino recently posted..Mini pig mohawkMy Profile

  26. I can hear for miles, so there is no keeping secrets from me BOL.. I would like some coconut oil :) xxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie
    mollie and alfie recently posted..IM’Z SUCH’Z A COMEDIEN. BOL!My Profile

  27. I use coconut oil all the time, but I’ve never actually shared it with my dog. Can you believe that? Now that is mischievous of me. I’ll have to share next time!
    Lindsay recently posted..Groovy Gravy reviewMy Profile

    • Hey Lindsay

      I’m actually struggling to believe you’ve NEVER shared it!! At least my Mum does share it, just wish it was all the time! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  28. I can hear food rustling from a mile off BOL
    Misaki recently posted..Cards and sardinesMy Profile

  29. I am surprised you can hear through all that hair :) Chester and Gretel can hear when I peel a banana. They love them.
    Jessica@YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner recently posted..Get Ready for Your Winter Adventure with Sierra Trading Post (giveaway)My Profile

  30. I can hear a Wagg dog treat packet being opened at 100 feet!!

  31. I can hear the fridge door and I appear from wherever I am!
    Clowie recently posted..IndecisionMy Profile

  32. How often do you eat it? Has your mum ever tried rubbing any on your furs? We got a jar of coconut oil for Brooks because we heard it might help his itchies if we rub it on his skin. But we never got the chance to try. Maybe Kelly and Ike would benefit from it though.
    peggy frezon recently posted..Hello! My Name is Dog Crazy. Announcing the Meet the Bloggers Hop!My Profile

    • Hi Peggy

      I eat it every day if I’m in the right place at the right time, Mum doesn’t use it herself now (unless for cooking), but if she puts some jojoba oil on her skin I come over and sniff around and then she gives me a spoon of coconut oil :)

      I was itching quite a bit and now I’m not, not sure if it was the coconut oil, but I also hear it’s good for dog breath (in humans too), not that I’m saying anyone I know has dog breath, but just in case :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

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