Monday Mischief – How fast can you run?

Today’s mischief is twofold!  First I’m gonna show you some pics of me trying to wind Cosmo up enough to chase me around the tennis courts!

Secondly the pictures show how nice and sunny it is here in California – I know not everyone has such lovely weather right now (it’s been in the 70s most days!) – So hopefully you don’t see the pics as being mischievous, more like reminding you what the sunny, warm days are like and that you’ll see them again, hopefully soon! :)


Yep Cosmo, sniffing is kinda fun, but don’t you wanna play chase?


IMG_4976 - Version 2

Nope Snoop, I’m just gonna sit over here and catch some sun!


IMG_4977 - Version 2

Woosh! But look how fast I can run Cosmo!



Yes, very impressive Snoop! And look how still I can be, like a statue! :)



Come on Cosmo, I’ll slow down a little so you can catch me! Aren’t you even tempted?!



You’re still such a pup Snoop, I’m 6 years old now buddy, way too mature for that! :)



How about you Mum? You wanna play chase? :)


Anyone else have trouble getting a good game of chase started?


What other mischief has been going on everywhere else?

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  1. It’s warm up here and I have adapted! I love to hang out where the floor in the house is coldest and on the deck outside!

    Your Nephew Tigs

    PS Yesterday dad and my kid went to a dog show! .. without me!
    Tigs recently posted..“DOG SHOW!”My Profile

  2. Hey Snoops. Are you pals allowed to be in a tennis yard? Here in Denmark I’m not allowed to be in a tennis yard, but my mom told me that I’m allowed to come with them to play golf, if I am in a leash og don’t poop. If I do, my mom must take it away, so I think we are going to have long walk before the golfcourse.
    Laika recently posted..Popcorn.My Profile

  3. Poor Snoop, nobody to chase him. You need to find some other young pups around.
    slimdoggy recently posted..Black & White Sunday 1-26-14My Profile

  4. I’ve been playing chase when my person wants me to come back in the house and I’m not ready yet. Our weather’s been really nice too. Too nice to go back inside.
    Bongo recently posted..Staggered ShiftsMy Profile

  5. Oh, Snoopy, if you only knew… I get way more tired than any of the boys just trying to get them chasing. And when they finally chase, and I collapse, they come over to wrestle with me/give me kisses. *sigh* And tell that party-pooper Cosmo that Wilhelm is 6 and he is usually the most into our chase time besides me!
    Bethany recently posted..Does The Puparazzi Follow You?My Profile

  6. I should bring Mr. N over. He loves chasing other dogs. and Onyxx isn’t in to it.

  7. Whoaaa…you look like you’re flying Snoop!!

    My turtles love playing chase with me and I always oblige :)
    Novroz recently posted..Sunlight in My Room (Enjoying The Sun Part 4)My Profile

  8. I’ve seen that scene play out at my house. Tucker wants to play all the time. Jasper thinks his brother is a pest and will often just sit there. Usually Lilah will play with Tucker, but every once in a while she’ll just stand there patiently ignoring him. In the end, Tucker has his Ball to play with, and sometimes that’s even better than playing with the other doggies. Sometimes.

    –Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.
    The Gang from Life with Dogs and Cats recently posted..Story: Fit to Print: cats love printersMy Profile

  9. Lots of that at my house. I do that to Katie sometimes but she is too old to play much chase, and now Bailie does it to me! I still love chase but only when I am in the mood :) Weather looks nice. We love winter with the snow and all, but this winter with the -20F a couple days a week is starting to get under our fur!
    emma recently posted..Trouble in Sisterly Paradise | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  10. You look so COURTeous :)
    Tootsie recently posted..The Arnolfinis love to hikeMy Profile

  11. Those are fabulous pictures! Love the pictures of Snoopy in motion. :) We have another wind chill warning starting today with wind chills to -35 over night. This sure has been a winter.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..The Dog Next DoorMy Profile

  12. Hi Y’all!

    Tell Cosmos I’m almost 8 yrs old and I race around like the wind!!! Come on east and have fun racing around with me!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted..Monday’s MischiefMy Profile

  13. You and Torrey need to get together. She would play chase with you.

  14. Well we’re still buried under 15 inches of snow here and the temps are single digits with wind chills below zero, so there are no outdoor games of chase (or anything else!) around here! Even the dog parks are empty. But we do have some fun hallway chases, though we keep them limited so we don’t overwork Daisy’s leg – but the important thing is that she’s able to run again! :)
    Daisy recently posted..Thursday Barks and Bytes: Warm Winter HavachonMy Profile

    • Hey Daisy

      I’m super happy you’re able to run again buddy! Do you ever get to play ‘chase the red dot’? That’s one of my favorite games, I play that in the hall! If the humans have been out at night I usually ask if we can play that when they get home, they think it’s funny how I ‘ask’, maybe I’ll have to post a video?! :)

      Stay warm

      Snoops :)

  15. Thanks for showing us some sunshine pictures Snoopy! We’ve been missing it here!
    Jen recently posted..Don’t Break The Ice! Our Trip To Frozen Lake ErieMy Profile

  16. That sure looks like some great fun is being had there!
    Nichole recently posted..When The Humans Are Away…My Profile

  17. It was 70 here yesterday, Snoopy. It was. And today’s high will be 25. I take what I can get. ;)
    Flea recently posted..Funny Dogs Exercising, FBM 58My Profile

    • Hey Flea

      You must have to keep your entire wardrobe out all the time just like here, as it’s cold in the evening and hot in the day, I just stick to my fluffy coat, seems to work well in any weather! :)

      Wags to all,

      Snoops :)

  18. If my buddies won’t play chase, I steal their stick or ball or just jump all over them till they give in and play lol
    Misaki recently posted..Mini MisakiMy Profile

  19. Tee-hee Snoopy…you look quite cute while you are zooming around! It is nice and sunny there…here too in Florida. Let’s hope everyone gets some warm sunshine soon too!
    Happy Monday,
    Oz the Terrier recently posted..10 Things I Take CampingMy Profile

  20. Oh how I miss that California weather! Have fun snoopy and Cosmo!

  21. Sorry but showing us that WARM SUNSHINE when we are nearly at ZERO is MORE than “mischief” it’s TORTURE
    Caren Gittleman recently posted..Dog Treats & Jingle Toys Encourages Pet Adoption-A Guest Blog By Aubree SweeneyMy Profile

  22. I would play chase with you Snoopy!

    Livvie, from
    Terry Cramer recently posted..Monday MischiefMy Profile

  23. If we can’t have snow, sunshine is the next best thing!
    Kari recently posted..Isis caught on tapeMy Profile

  24. I’ll come over for a good game of chase Snoopy. We like to play chase. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Molly The Wally recently posted..Mischief Monday, The Winter Olympics Are Coming!My Profile

  25. Warm enough for tennis – jealous! Perfect weather for mischief, even if it has to be done solo.
    Jen K recently posted..Monday Mischief 20: Up – and Down – One CanineMy Profile

  26. Bawahwhahhaha Cosmo just sitting there ( soaking in the SUN) which we don’t have BOL xxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie
    mollie and alfie recently posted..MR CHEWY’ZMy Profile

  27. Cosmo is a hard core rest-meister. I love how your furs swish around all over the place Snoopy! Great action! I’m not allowed off my leash, so I run around and around and around in circles till Mom gets dizzy.

    Love and licks,
    Genevieve recently posted..FixedMy Profile

  28. Too bad he didn’t want to play chase. You made it look so fun and tempting too. Petal will play chase with you! She loves that game! :)
    Marquie recently posted..Oh no, not THAT look!My Profile

  29. Aww! I love the back-and-forth between you two. Too funny! It does look like you can run very fast there, Snoopy. I bet Cosmo was just afraid he couldn’t keep up. Much love, The Scottie Mom.
    The Scottie Mom recently posted..Animal AnticsMy Profile

  30. Lovely pictures of a fun romp around the tennis courts. I like the “look how fast I can run” one, particularly.
    Tegan recently posted..Desexing: It’s bad for vizslas, tooMy Profile

  31. I usually find stealing, sorry borrowing something and running off will get the game started!

  32. What great exercise you get in sunny CA as I sit here freezing my hooves off just thinking of going outside! Enjoy that, buddy!
    Coccolino recently posted..How a mini pig goes to bedMy Profile

  33. :D You two are quite the opposite in that sense. Pierson is always trying to engage Maya into play too, although not quite as enthusiastically as you, Snoopy.
    Dawn recently posted..The Rest of Pierson’s Gotcha Story – Part 2My Profile

  34. The pics are DEFINITELY mischievous, considering how cold it is here. Brrr….
    But glad you guys are enjoying the nice weather and having fun at the tennis courts. :-)
    Donna and the Dogs recently posted..Forgiveness is EasyMy Profile

  35. Hi Y’all!

    I’m back to share some more sunshine!

    Even at the shore they are in the midst of an ice storm! We are actually better off here in the mountains ’cause at least they have snow removal equipment. In the low country it never snows. We are far enough southeast that our area missed the snow, but got the ice. So we stayed in the mountains where, inside, we’re snug and warm.

    Thanks for stoppin’ for a visit,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted..Barks and More Barks! Even Some Bits, No Bytes!My Profile

  36. Well, that Cosmo is not much fun, is he? :) Our new puppy has been able to get both of our 9 year olds running! Should I ask him what his secret is to getting them moving Snoopy?
    Jan K recently posted..Photobombs & Other Sepia Saturday SillinessMy Profile

  37. Cosmo looked tempted to me, Snoopy! Keep trying!
    Clowie recently posted..The cute face of puppy farmsMy Profile


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