Monday Mischief – Woohoo!!


Do you know why I’m so happy?!  Yep, the humans are done with their mischief and finally returned home!!

This is my happy face!!



What mischief has been going on with everyone else? :)


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Monday Mischief – I’m sulking!

Nope, even when you call my name I'm not turning around! :)

Some people might think Dogs don’t sulk, I’m here to prove that myth wrong!  I WAS sulking!  But why?

Firstly, cos I was taken to the ‘dreaded bath area’ of the garden, and secondly cos I was getting a bath before I went to [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Silly Tail!

My tail is such a goody two shoes and didn't want to join in my mischief! :)

Sometimes I like to play tricks on my Mum.  You know, like playing hide and seek in the garden when she doesn’t even know we’re playing it!

The other day Mum went to look for me in the garden and couldn’t find me anywhere!  Tee Hee

Then all of a sudden she got a tip off as to where I was hiding from, no less [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Mr Hedgehog Mischief!

Mr Hedgehog and I even took time out to pose for pics for Mum!

Mum went out and left me all on my own the other day, I had no clue she was gonna bring me a new buddy home!

She had to get something from a charity store and she came across the soft toy section, she knew instantly that Mr Hedgehog and I would be [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Snoopy Cheated!

Here we all are after all the places were sorted out fairly! I got Dad to hold my prize, it was a little heavy for me!

I have to confess my mischief this week is that I cheated, but I also need to make it clear that it wasn’t my fault!

A couple of weeks ago we participated in the annual 5k run for our local pet shelter.  I normally run the whole course and in previous years have come in as [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – The Aftermath


Some might think continual mischief is easy, but let me tell you it’s pretty exhausting!

After a whole day of mischief I’ve got nothing left, and I mean [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – A CATastrophe!

Oooh, check out all these kitties Mum!  I wish they could come out and play!

Mum and I went for a little visit to the Pet Store the other day, it’s a great place to hang out when it’s too hot to walk outside in the afternoon!

First up I found the Birdies and had a little chat with [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – I’m not a Vegetarian!

I've had a really good sniff and there's definitely ONLY veggies in here.....

I’m a Dog and I like Meat, there you go, pretty simple, hey?!

Apparently not to my Mum, she LOVES vegetables (and used to be a vegetarian) and even has a machine that spiralizes veggies.  She thinks it’s a treat to give me [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – I made a Doggie Door! :)

Doh!  This isn't working out as planned!  No matter how hard I stare at this door it's not opening and Mum's about to pounce on my toy!

I know some Dogs and Cats, and actually, I even know of a mini pig, who are lucky enough to have their own door into the garden, so they can come and go as they please!

I’ve not been so lucky, Mum insists I ask permission each time I want to go in or out and I usually either sit by the door, or if she doesn’t notice I tap [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Childs Play!


Mischief isn’t hard to learn, or to teach!  My little 3 year old friend Charlotte came to stay for the day last week, so I thought it was a great opportunity to teach her a little about mischief! Tee Hee

First we went to collect Cosmo from next door so we could all go to the [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – I like an audience!

I decided, if I could just get outside with it, Mum would never catch me!

I love it when the mail man stops by our house!  Often he brings a package, sometimes there’s even something for me….. Mum said this wasn’t one of those times, but I wasn’t convinced…..

After Mum had unpacked the box she put it by the back door ready for popping into the recycling bin.

Then she went back to [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – It it’s not Squirrels…..


Most of my day is spent on Squirrel patrol in the garden – My very important contribution to family security….. However, this week I’ve had to divide my time between the Squirrels and some new Birds that decided to hang out in the big bush in the [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Just like a teenager!

"What do you mean I'm not looking at the camera? - It's too dark under all this fur to know where it is!"

Mum says I’m too old to behave like a teenager as in dog years I’m now a mature 28!  Of course I don’t listen to her, and decided I wasn’t going to let her put my hair up out of my eyes.   I wanted to look like my human bro – who’s a [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – World Cup – I’m Ready!

It must be fate that this plopped into my garden as I don't have a ball to practice with!

In our house Dad calls it Soccer and Mum calls it Football, but either way it involves a round ball and there’s about to be a World Cup to see which country plays the best!

I thought I should get some practice in just in case I get called up to represent [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Seniors like my Mischief

Excuse me a minute everyone, this fire is fascinating!

As some of you may know, as well as being a Master of Mischief I’m also a Therapy Dog.  As part of my job I visit lots of seniors in retirement and nursing homes.

The standard approach is to calmly come in to either their rooms or a main area and sit by them and let them pet me.  They like to pet me for ages because my hair is so long.  However, sometimes I like to mix it up and provide a little  [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Mischief isn’t always a good idea!

Look Dad, I'm sitting perfectly like a good boy!

If you’ve known me a while you might also know I have a bit of a reputation for a little mischief! :)

I think I’ve even been known to say ‘it’s always a good time for mischief!’ – However, now I’m older and wiser I’m rethinking this stance (I was 4 last week!).

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up mischief, I’ve just realized there are certain times when it pays to keep mischief under control!

Take for example when Dad’s [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – It’s My Birthday – Free Blogpaws Ticket


It’s hard to believe but Monday April 14th is my 4th birthday!  I’d like to wish all my siblings a happy birthday too, there were 6 of us in our litter!

Mum says now I’m 4 maybe I’ll be all mature and grown up?  What do you think?  Tee [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Is that a Cigar?

A cigar?  Of douse it's not Mum, I'm trying to eat my healthy carrot in peace, I'd appreciate it if the Pawparazzi could give me a little space? :)

Sometimes my Mum can be so silly and asks me the craziest questions – just cos I was acting all suspicious  around the side of the house doesn’t mean I was [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Squirrel Protocol

Sorry Mum, I got kinda bored and just wanted to see if he was still all squeaky!  PS - No squirrels were hurt in this training exercise, I've had my 3 squirrel stuffies since I was a little puppy and they're still going strong! :)

If you’ve known me a little while you probably know I have quit an interest in Squirrels!  I have lots of Squirrel ‘friends’ who stop by each day to ‘play chase’ along the top of my fence!

Mum doesn’t seem to understand this game and decided to try to teach me an alternative way [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Who stole Snoopy’s bed?


 Ever since I could remember there’s been a sofa bed in our office and I made it my bed very quickly, it was perfect for lolling around on when Mum and Dad play on their computers, or they just get up too early and I want to go back to [Read more…]