Monday Mischief – Nearly a Crime!

"Here's my sad puppy eye look, I'm sure glad I've never stopped practicing this!"

This mischief was very nearly a crime, but luckily I stopped it from happening!

You see a few weeks ago Mum bought me some new treats, she was very proud of this find, as they only had 1 ingredient in them, Sweet Potatoes, nothing [Read more...]

How to avoid the Christmas Rush!

This was me yesterday, no rushing going on here! :)

Mum said she’s just realized Christmas is around the corner and she’d really better get herself organized…..

I told her not to worry, I have the perfect solution to avoiding the [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – I’m not looking!

"Oh Snoopy, you're such a monkey, I meant towards me!"

I’m a very good boy and let my Mum groom me for up to 2 hours on my grooming table, but I have my limits – We really don’t need to turn it into a [Read more...]

It’s not all about Turkey! :)

Thank you for being my friend!  Have a Wonderful Day everyone! :)

Here in the US we’re just coming up to Thanksgiving, and apparently it’s not all about Turkey.

It’s traditionally a time of year for us to remember what we’re thankful for – I believe it’s good to always be thankful, I’m thankful when I get my food, a walk, a cuddle, a trip out – all kinds of things….

But I’m also Super Thankful to have so [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Did it fall or was it pushed?

Tee Hee - I think it's kinda obvious, but of course I'm not gonna tell Mum! :)

I was battling for years to be allowed on the sofa, now it seems we’ve done a deal and I’m ‘allowed’ on the old sofa, when I jump up I love to roll around and be silly before I take a nap.

However, I’m still getting accused of mischief – Mum asked me the other day, “Did the [Read more...]

I’m not posing!

Bearded collie

Mum thinks I’m a bit of a poser, I have no clue where she gets that idea from – I’m just checking out all the pretty leaves that are falling on the [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Super Sonic Hearing

Just as I suspected, Mum was trying to use the Coconut oil without telling me and giving me some too!

I don’t think Mum realizes how good my hearing is, she thinks cos I have big floppy, fluffy ears I can’t hear her getting up to mischief!

I can even hear her when I’m outside and she’s [Read more...]

No work Snoopy?


I’m always telling Mum how hard I’m working on border patrol whilst she’s just messing around in the house!

Unfortunately I got caught skiving the other day – doh! (If skiving is a bit too [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Swim Snoopy!

Oh boy, this is popular, can you see how long the line was and we were there early!

Have you ever heard of a Doggie Dip Day?  I’d seen a few of my friends enjoying a day at their local swimming pool, but our pool had never done it – until a couple of weeks ago!

Woohoo! Mum made sure I was brushed out the day before (loose hair and water don’t work out well together!) and we headed off.  Mum [Read more...]

I wondered when you’d notice! :)

"Finally, you decided to look out the window Mum, I've been waiting her with this flip flop for ages!"  Come on, let's play chase me around the garden! :)

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden, Mum thinks it’s too cold out there, now it’s not super hot anymore, I disagree, I think it’s perfect!

Anyway, sometimes I want to get Mum’s attention cos I’m trying to [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Puppy Power

"Why don't you come in and play with us, my teeth aren't really that sharp!"  Tee Hee

A few weeks ago I told you I was now an Uncle as my doggie sister April had 9 pups, yep 9!!

If you follow me on facebook you might have seen that I went to visit the pups last weekend just before some of them were leaving for their forever homes!  I needed to make sure they were well versed in mischief before they [Read more...]

Rain Stinks!

I wanna go out!

Rain Stinks!  Yep, I know we need rain for the environment and some people actually enjoy rain, not me though!

It rained on Monday this week here in California, and it hasn’t rained for so long, [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Is Snoopy a Super Hero?

Yep, Mum dressed me up as a Bumble Bee!  Ever heard of a Super Hero Bumble Bee?  Well, I guess I could fly!

Are you ready for Halloween?  Here in the US it’s kinda a big deal, so the last few years I’ve had a costume too!  (There should be a link to some of my other Halloween posts at the end of this post)

I got to wear my costume early at my Therapy visit to one of the retirement homes we visit on Friday…. Can you [Read more...]

Time out!

Time out - I don't think so! Tee Hee

Does anyone ever get a ‘Time Out’ and have to sit in the corner?

Mum thought I was giving myself a time out, she didn’t realize I was trying to have a sneaky [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – And There’s More! :)

All her toys got put 'out of my way!'  Hmmmm, that's what you think! :)

You might have seen last week my little buddy Charlotte came over to play, well, me jumping on the box and barking wasn’t the only mischief I got up to! :)

Charlotte likes to think she’s in charge of me and sometimes I let her [Read more...]

We’re everywhere!

Hey Mum, there's that dog again, look he's staring at me!

I’m a Bearded Collie and we’re not the most common dog you might see when you’re out and about….

However, I’ve been seeing Beardie’s everywhere lately, come to think of it, I think one particular dog might be stalking me?!  I even saw him again last weekend whilst [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Snoopy finds a way!

"Hey Charlotte, look it's me - I'm up here on the box!" :)

My little friend Charlotte came over to play – I thought we could go outside to play, but she wanted to stay inside – what’s a doggie to do, in order to get some attention?!

Simple – I jump onto the box outside the [Read more...]

America’s Next Top Model

"No, of course I'm not putting bite marks on the cover!" :)

Have you ever watched America’s Next Top Model?  Well, I know who’s destined to be IT!  It’s my buddy Emma, she models for Target, I’m not surprised, she’s super good looking….

Well, that’s not all she does, she’s a Dog with many talents – She’s just brought out her own book!  Of course I got Mum to [Read more...]

Monday Mischief – Who’s gonna be the best?

Skittles is practicing her innocent look - "I'm too sweet to get into mischief?" :)

If you recall a few weeks ago I told you how I was now an Uncle as my Doggie sister April had just had 9 gorgeous puppies…..

I’ve been sent some photos of my nephews and nieces and I can tell they’re a chip off the old block, I think they’re gonna be great at mischief – But who’s [Read more...]

I turn my back for a minute!


Who knows what’s going on whilst I’m busy checking the garden for Squirrels?

It appears Mum’s busy taking photos and messing with them…… Here’s her latest [Read more...]