Puppies vs 49ers!!

A high five from Eric after he won! He's a good sport!

If you live here in America you may know that this Sunday is a BIG day!!

It’s the Superbowl, which is the final game of football for the season and this year it’s between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers!

Given that we live near San Francisco and Dad is a huge 49ers fan, Sunday’s game is a BIG deal!

Sunday is also the Puppy Bowl, which is like the Puppy version of the Superbowl (only way cuter!), and Mum and I LOVE it!

I’m sure hoping [Read more…]

3 Play Dates in 3 Days

Yep, this is how you'd look too after 3 days of Play Dates!  :)

Yep, you read it correctly – I had 3 play dates in 3 days!!  I had sooooo much fun, but Oh boy –  I’m so tired! [Read more…]