I Need a Garden View

I've got my Bed half way across the lounge now…. :)

Today is See Beautiful Friday, it’s held once a month by my buddy Sugar the Golden Retriever.

I’ve been thinking for a while that with all the beauty out in the garden it was about time I moved my bed over to the big windows.

I mean, what could be better than watching the Squirrels out the window from your own bed?!

I packed up a few things – my blanket, a toy and started to move……

I had no [Read more…]

I’m allowed on The Bed!!

Yay!!  Bradley said I could stay on the bed Mum!!  Woohoo!! :)

Yay!!  The rules have changed!!  My human cousins have arrived back again for the Summer from the UK and I’ve managed to ‘negotiate’ being allowed on the bed!!  I’m in shock!!

It was touch and go though, I’ve discovered I’ve been negotiating all this time with the [Read more…]

And the Little One Said Rollover! :)

Hey Cosmo, do you think I can have a turn now please as I'm getting really sleepy?! :)

So last week I was talking about how cool it is to share with others…..

I thought I’d share with you a picture of Cosmo and I sharing my bed, sometimes I have to ask him to roll over a little! :)

We’re not the only ones who share:

The other day I received a lovely email from the winners of the Bret Michaels Dog Bed and they included a great picture of them [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Learn To Count – I’m Serious! :)

Big Mischief being on the bed, right?  Watch me get away with it!!  Tee Hee

I loved being on the Bed so much when we were at the Hotel in Salt Lake City that I thought I’d have another try at making it acceptable at home….

So here’s the thing, it appears I can get away with jumping up on the bed so long as I get off by the time Mum counts to 3 (It’s not like you have to learn to count really high, 3 seems to be sufficient!) :)

Introducing Mischief Rule No. 18 – Learn to Count!

Yes, I really can count, this is a little [Read more…]

I love it when I’m Home Alone ! :)

I could play this game all day - sure you don't need to go on another errand?! :)

I know some poor Dogs suffer from separation anxiety, but not me.

As soon as I realise everyone’s  going out I get really excited.

That’s because I know Mum’s gonna give me a Dentastix AND I’m gonna get  some peace and quiet!! :)

I stick to Mum like glue, I don’t want her forgetting the treat!!

Here’s the deal, I look after the house and don’t get up to ANY Mischief (nah, sleeping on the sofa doesn’t count in my book!) and you pay me with a [Read more…]

I’ve grown a bit Mum!

There used to be oodles of room in here!!

I really LOVE my bed!!

I didn’t  see the point of it originally and still slept on the tiles and mainly just used it for playing in, but these days I even like to sleep in it!!

The thing is, Mum bought it over a year ago and I’m way more Dog than I used to be!!

I’ve noticed that I’m having to do a much tighter ‘Cat Curl’ or maybe I could call it a ‘Dog Donut’?  – Anyway, I digress, the point is I don’t think Mum’s even [Read more…]

Monday Mischief Master Class – Rule No. 3

Yep, I really am on THE BED!!  Tee Hee  Let me tell you, it's pretty comfy!

Hi there Mischief Makers – ready for some more advice from my Master Class?

Ok, here goes –


Unfortunately this is only working with Mum so far, but still it’s [Read more…]

If you want a job doing properly …….

Mum, it's fine - I'll just do it myself!!

Yep, I’m learning – If you want a job doing properly, well, you might as well do it yourself!!

I can’t believe that after all this time Mum still doesn’t know how to make my bed the way I like it – every day I have to re-make it – it’s just not [Read more…]

Cosmo, are you taking liberty’s ?!

Phew, he's finally asleep, maybe I can relax now....... :)

This last weekend wasn’t just busy due to Lucy coming to visit.

Once she’d left Cosmo came over, only he came for a sleepover, not just a visit!  His family were away for some of the weekend.  Woohoo!!  I’ve stayed at Cosmo’s house, but he hadn’t stayed here before, this was going to be great!

I love Cosmo, he’s taught me almost everything I know.  He doesn’t play ruff and tumble with me, cos he doesn’t like it?  (He won’t listen when I [Read more…]

Snoopy’s Sweet Dreams…..

Gotta fight it, what if I miss something?

I’m a Dog, so I get the advantage of being allowed to take multiple naps during the day – well, it’s hard work running around and wagging my tail all the time….

Most of the time I like to sleep on the tiles, but every now and then I like to snuggle in my bed – this one time I had a wonderful dream when I closed my eyes – Dinosaur even [Read more…]

What’s the Big Deal?

Look how cute I can be AND I'm not leaving any mess.....go on, let me stay? :)

Sometimes I understand the rules around here (you know safety and all that), but sometimes I really don’t!!

Take this one as an example – No Snoopy on the Bed!

I’m trying to be understanding about this.  So I figure at [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday…..let’s try again!

Wordless Wed

It’s Wordless Wednesday again and I’m determined this time to keep it Wordless!

Doh, Mum just pointed out I’ve actually failed to keep it Wordless…….as always she’s right……:) [Read more…]

I think it was a test!!

No more crate for this puppy......well that's my plan.....:)

For some reason mum doesn’t want to leave me in charge of the house when she’s out?  I have no idea why not, I mean, what does she think will happen?  I’m 9 months old now and I think I can be trusted, I just have to convince mum and dad…..

As we’ve had a lot of rain for a couple of weeks the garden is still pretty wet, yep, the mud is my fault…..:) So mum is reluctant to leave me in the garden when they go out as she thinks I’ll get all messy…..she’s probably got a good point, plus, I really don’t want any more baths!!

Mum’s starting to come round to my idea that she shouldn’t leave me in my crate as I’d prefer not to be in there……at last she gets it!!  So, the other night when they were going out for dinner, no I didn’t get an invite [Read more…]

Bearded Collie Property Laws

My version of the sofa bed!!  Note how much of me isn't even actually IN the bed....tee hee!!

One of the great things about having your own blog as a puppy is that I’ve been really lucky to meet both dogs and humans who are willing to share their wisdom.  This is proving extremely valuable to me and saving me a lot of time.  It means I can also avoid making some of the rookie mistakes, well I hope so……I can also pass on this wisdom and educate mum as to how things need to be….. [Read more…]

Snoopy is here, there and everywhere…..

Woohoo!  We're going somewhere, I don't care where so long as I'm coming too....:)

Wow!  Yesterday was one of those busy, busy days…….maybe this is what it gets like for most people just before Xmas?

I started the day with my usual run with mum, only it was still raining a bit when we were out, yuk!  Nice towel dry to follow, now you’re talking…..:)

Later on there was lots of fussing in the house, so I knew something was going on, and Cory started moving my bed.  I followed in hot pursuit…..he put my bed in the car!  This could only mean one thing [Read more…]