Snoopy’s gone Spooky!!

I'm loving my new hat!

It’s only a week until Halloween and here in the US everyone is getting very excited!!

I’ve even been getting dressed up for a good cause!

Dad’s co-worker decided to make a flat Snoopy to put in the office to encourage people to leave [Read more…]

It’s my 2nd Birthday!! I’m gonna be 2 – I’m a big pup now!! :)

Already a Mischief Master!!  Tee Hee - I'm pinning one of my siblings down in our wrestling match!! :)

Well technically it’s my birthday on Saturday – but I don’t see any reason why I can’t celebrate early?!  Tee Hee

I’m going to be 2 years old!!  Along with my other 5 siblings – Happy Birthday to you all too – I hope you have a [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Dad! :) x

Dad, you can even have extra hugs today if you like!! :)

Hey, guess what?!  Today is my Dad’s Birthday!  Woohoo!!  Can you believe Dad didn’t used to have Dogs and was missing the Doggy love, I think I’ve [Read more…]

Thank you from Snoopy

This one even has tuggy things on it.....

A BIG Thank You to everyone who sent their Birthday wishes to me yesterday – you are all very sweet and I’m very lucky to have so many great friends :)

My friend Sweetpea sent me a [Read more…]

Woohoo!! I think I’ve worked out what my Birthday present is? :)

Can you work out where my head is?

It was kind of obvious really when I put my thinking cap on!  (No, I don’t have a real cap, just an imaginary one…..tee hee ).  Anyway, there was me thinking it was my ID Tag holder, or if I was lucky maybe a Cat or a squeaky soft toy.  I was looking in the wrong direction….

Yesterday it suddenly came to me in a flash!!  What have I been wanting all this time? [Read more…]

It’s nearly my Birthday! Yay!

So, no Cats or Soft Toys?  Is this my Birthday present?

So, soon it’s  my Birthday – yay!!  I think it’s on Thursday, but it’s hard to keep track of the days, so I have to keep asking Mum, I’m hoping she won’t forget!  I will be 1 year old – I’m really excited, as I’m sure my brothers and sisters are too!!

I don’t know what happens on your birthday, but Cosmo said it’s fun!  He’s had 3 of them……

At the weekend Mum took Cory and I to the Pet Store (I love the Pet Store!) and I heard her saying to Cory I was going to choose a Birthday present – a present, now that sounds cool!

We looked at lots of toys, I thought I was pretty clear about the ones I liked (yep, they had squeaks in them!).  I also tried to sample some of the treats that were on display, but Mum swooped me [Read more…]