Alone with My Bone….

Yeah Mum, I'm just gonna chill with my Bone - I'll be ready to play again in a few minutes…. :)

Do you ever feel that life gets a little hectic and you just need a few minutes to chill?

Me too – I’m off for a Therapy Visit today – but first I just wanna hang out with my [Read more…]

Snoopy teaches Cosmo Hide n’ Seek!! It’s not easy…….

Mum, can we come in please, I think we're done with this game......

Guess who came to stay for a long weekend?  Yep, you got it, my great Beardie buddy from next door, Cosmo!!  Woohoo!!  I knew we were in for a fun time!!

Cosmo’s not great at playing, although we did play this game on Friday night called, “Who’s got the bone?”  The moment one of [Read more…]

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back!!

Yep, in no time I was a Soggy Doggy!

Woohoo!!  I’m so excited!  I’m back online!

I’ve missed you all and I missed my family too last week.  However, I must confess I had an awesome time anyway at Cosmo’s house.  The first day I was a little homesick, yep, I know I was only next door, but I was still homesick! :)  Luca (aged 6) helped cheer me up by putting my bed in his bedroom, what a result!  Tee Hee

I got to sleep with the kids each night, I don’t get to do that at home cos the kids beds are too high for me to get up, so it was a special treat!

I also got other special treats like ‘chicken’ – yep, real chicken!!

Cosmo and I had so much fun, we played tug of war with my Dinosaur that I brought over, I won most of those games, well, of course! :)

I was really happy yesterday morning when [Read more…]

Lots of News…….

Let's get comfy, Bone and I may be busy for some time...... :)

The most important thing to tell you today is……….. Tah Dah!!  It’s off!!  The Cone of Shame is no longer on my head!!  We are officially separated, never to be reconciled! :)

I went to the Vets yesterday and got my stitches out and so I’m now ‘Cone Free’!!  I don’t know who’s more excited, me or Mum?  She’s so happy to have her mischievous little fun loving puppy back – I think I’ll remind her of that when I’m [Read more…]

Snoopy you were warned!

I can't even hold my bone to play with it, such poor design!  I want the Blue Cone back!

Sometimes you just don’t know when you’ve got it good!!

I initially thought the blue donut ‘Cone of Shame’ was bad, until I discovered that I could still lick my stitches with it on!  Well, they were itching!!

Where I went wrong was doing it while I was being guarded watched!

Carly even gave me a big old lecture about how she’d [Read more…]

Snoopy the Cone Head!!

See how bright the Pink bandage is!!

I knew no good could come out of ‘trying on’ the ‘Cone of Shame’!!  Sure enough, yesterday morning Dad took me to see Dr. Rick, he’s my vet, he’s fun and gives me treats! :)

It was a bit of a blur, but next thing I knew I could hear Mum’s voice and she’d come to rescue me!!

The nurse was trying to get a needle out of my leg but I was in too much of a rush to stay still.  In the end she called Mum in to help keep me still.  I was fine about it once Mum was there.  That is until [Read more…]

Cosmo, are you taking liberty’s ?!

Phew, he's finally asleep, maybe I can relax now....... :)

This last weekend wasn’t just busy due to Lucy coming to visit.

Once she’d left Cosmo came over, only he came for a sleepover, not just a visit!  His family were away for some of the weekend.  Woohoo!!  I’ve stayed at Cosmo’s house, but he hadn’t stayed here before, this was going to be great!

I love Cosmo, he’s taught me almost everything I know.  He doesn’t play ruff and tumble with me, cos he doesn’t like it?  (He won’t listen when I [Read more…]

Snoopy wants to do a deal…….

Wanna swap?

I was feeling kinda lively yesterday morning (Mum calls it ‘mischievous’ – I don’t get that?).  Anyway, I’d finally recovered from my weekend antics and I was ready for some fun!  I chased the birds in the garden for a while then I came back in.

I headed over to the recycling bin.  This is an ideal target, it has no lid, unlike the regular trash can which I can’t get into.  Dad refuses to get one with a lid on and says I need to ‘learn’ not to steal things out of it.  Mum thinks we should just get one with a lid on and she wouldn’t spend half the day chasing me around the house on her own.  I have to say I’m with Dad [Read more…]

Snoopy meets the Breeds

This Chinese Crested must get the prize for best dressed!

There were so many breeds of dog at the show at the Cow Palace.  I was really busy saying hi to everyone, but I did manage to get a few moments to go and check out who else was there and everything else that was going on.  There were even people selling all kinds of Dog things there, yep, that included food!!

As I’d been so good, at the end of the day Mum gave me one of my favourite types of bone.  We hadn’t been able to find one of these for ages, they have special holes in them and Mum puts [Read more…]