Olympic Countdown – Why Am I Excited? AND Bret Michaels Giveaways Winners!! Yay!

This was us last Summer at the San Andreas Fault Line when they came to stay - Wow, my coat sure has got darker and I bet they've grown some more too! :)

The London 2012 Olympics start in just a few days, but why have I been doing the Olympic Countdown?

1)  I’m entering the Pet Blogger Olympics and I’m super excited that I’m in the Couch Potato Peeling Event – The What Event? – Yep, it’s a real event and I can’t wait to see all the other entries – our event is on Jul 31 and I’ll be sure to post a [Read more…]

Bret Michaels Dog Bed Sweepstake

I think it suits me? :)

Yep, you read it right -

Today I’m launching a Sweepstake to win a fab Dog Bed from the Bret Michaels range at PetSmart -

(Yeah, I suppose you Kitties could use it too – If you think you’re cool enough – Tee Hee!) :)

Trust me, if I hadn’t recently got a new bed I’d have been keeping this one myself – Tee [Read more…]

Dogs Rock, Right?! GIVEAWAY!! – Cool Bret Michaels Gear AND $$$ PetSmart Gift Cards!! What will you buy?

This is the Bandana/Ball Combo!! :)

Hey Everyone, we all know Dogs Rock, Right?!  Today I’m going to be hosting an awesome Giveaway!!

Whilst I was at Blogpaws I got to test out the new Bret Michaels Dog Gear range that PetSmart has just launched – Yay, no more Girlie stuff for me!!  Tee [Read more…]