Stop! Don’t Run!

Mum - look!!  I need to go and chase him away!

I’m really miserable!

I love to run and Mum won’t let me!

If you recall, I hurt my leg a few months ago and the other day Mum caught me limping again – doh!  I tried so hard not to let her see me, but she’s got eyes in the back of her head and she caught me!

Now I’m under constant surveillance, have an appointment to see my vet later this week and worst of all, I’m not allowed to [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Halt!! Who goes there!!

Mum, quick!!  Intruder Alert!!  Just as I suspected!!

Ever think there’s something dodgy going on that you need to know about?

Just as well I wasn’t sleeping on the job, I take my border security tasks very seriously, sometimes I even bring backup, this day I had [Read more…]

Bangkok Dogs

This fluffy Guy was the Official Store Greeter!!  Great job buddy…..

I might not have been able to go with Mum and Dad when they visited Bangkok a few weeks ago, but they found lots of Dogs there to say Hi to :)

Here are just a [Read more…]

It’s rude to lick your lips when saying Hi to a Cat!!

Wanna cuddle with me Mum?

Last Friday was my first visit as a Therapy Dog – I was super excited….. we were going to visit some people in a local retirement home.

I was all groomed nicely for the [Read more…]

Find The Best Dog !!

Just pondering over a suitable caption.....

I love to share things, especially if I find something cool – the other day I found out how you can ‘Find the Best Dog’ – Let me explain ……

Every day Mum tells me at some point that I’m ‘The Best Puppy in the Whole World!”  (well, of course I am – Tee Hee).

I have a feeling though, that lots of other Dogs are being told the same thing by their families…..

What I think [Read more…]