See Beautiful – The Beauty of Christmas

Ok Mum, I'll wear the little Snowman covered in tinsel just for you! :)

There’s so much going on during the holidays, whatever holiday you’re celebrating, this time of year is super busy for lots of people.  So it’s nice to take a moment and reflect.

The other day we went on one of our Therapy visits and I didn’t dress up, but then on Wednesday Mum found me a lovely Christmas clip that I was happy to wear.

Mum said it would help me see the beauty of Christmas, I wasn’t sure [Read more…]

A Christmas Therapy Visit – Maybe I should have worn the Santa Hat?

I can never get too much attention! :)

I had a really great Therapy visit with some of my pals today at one of the Nursing Homes we visit.  We even got to see one of the ladies who we haven’t seen in a while, she lived in Vietnam (my human Dad is half Vietnamese) and Mum and her love to chat whilst she [Read more…]

Introducing Mr Puppet!!

Hey Mum, I think Mr Puppet wants to play!! :)

Have you seen this new toy I got for Christmas?

It’s really cool, Mum can put her hand inside and he comes to life – he’s called Mr Puppet!!

The problem is sometimes I have to remind Mum that she needs to [Read more…]

Santa’s Little Helper!! I think not……

You want me to wear this Elf Hat?  Have you lost your mind Mum?

Mum never ceases to amaze me with her crazy ideas!!!  The other day she thought I’d like to dress up as an Elf and be Santa’s Little Helper – Oh yes, she was serious…..!!  If Mum wants me to dress up as something else I’ll [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday time……

Snoopy & rope

It’s Wednesday again, already!  That means I need to be Wordless, so I can enter the Wordless Wednesday blog hop, it’s not easy, I’ve always got something to say for myself! :)  Ok, gotta behave and follow the rules.  Today’s picture is of me showing off one of my favourite toys.  It’s a rope covered in a blue rubber cylinder that I can chew on.  I got this one for [Read more…]

Twas the night before Christmas ……

Yep, Mum made me try on a silly Santa hat in the pet store weeks ago, I managed to shake it off! :)

Twas the night before Christmas……..what?  The night before Christmas?  The day I’ve been waiting to arrive for weeks!!  Yippee, it’s finally here, oh, but hold on……we’re not ready…….I know we’re not ready as I’ve read the poem……

Shouldn’t the stockings be hanging by the chimney with care?  Well, ok…….I put my hands up to this one (ok my paws!)……I know they were hanging up at the chimney [Read more…]