Monday Mischief – Teaching dad to fetch! Tee Hee

Yay, look I got it! :)

In all the excitement of Mum going away to help out with my new baby cousin, I forgot to tell you about the little adventure Cosmo and I had to the Dog Park just before Mum left.

I don’t think Cosmo had been to this park before, he was [Read more…]

We’re waiting…. :)

Bearded collies

Hey Mum, I’m having fun whilst you’re away helping out with Una (my brand new little human cousin) -

Dad’s doing a great job taking Cosmo and I out for walks and I’m having fun with the kids -

But we were wondering when you’re [Read more…]

Be My Valentine

snoopy and cosmo bearded collie

If you recall a few weeks ago I was looking for the love of my life to take to the Valentines Ball.

I was blown away with how many offers I had from all you gorgeous girlies out there – but I’m [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Cosmo’s getting Good!!

bearded collie dog mischief

My Beardie buddy Cosmo (who lives next door) never used to be very good at Mischief – or maybe he was just a little shy and left it all to me – but he’s starting to show his real Mischief skills now…..

Mum takes both of us running with her in the mornings – we’re both pretty good – but Cosmo does this thing when we’re getting near to home where he [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – I Can’t Walk!

Mum!!  Quick!!  HELP!!  I can't walk!!

It’s that time of Year again – I just suddenly can’t walk, nope, not even one more step!

When I was younger I used to collapse on the floor when this happened, this year I’m just frozen to the spot, but at least I can stay upright this time!

What is this Mischief that causes this [Read more…]

See Beautiful – I Wish!!

sunset at clear lake

Today is the See Beautiful Blog Hop hosted by my buddy Sugar…..

I love to see beautiful examples of nature, just like this wonderful Sunset at the [Read more…]

And the Little One Said Rollover! :)

Hey Cosmo, do you think I can have a turn now please as I'm getting really sleepy?! :)

So last week I was talking about how cool it is to share with others…..

I thought I’d share with you a picture of Cosmo and I sharing my bed, sometimes I have to ask him to roll over a little! :)

We’re not the only ones who share:

The other day I received a lovely email from the winners of the Bret Michaels Dog Bed and they included a great picture of them [Read more…]

Best Friends Share Everything, Right?! :)

Best Friends Share Everything!

In case you’re new here, my Best Friend is Cosmo who lives next door and is also a Bearded Collie.

When he comes over I let him share my water, my toys, my bed, my food well, nearly everything….!! :)

And when we go out for our run in the morning, we even share the same [Read more…]

The Blogpaws Diet

Testing out an Indoor Dog Walking Machine

I don’t know if this was the case for everyone, but both Mum and I got too distracted AND excited at Blogpaws to focus on our meals!

Mum said the food was yummy!  (She’s vegetarian, so normally the choice isn’t anywhere near as good as it was at Blogpaws!) – She just didn’t eat anywhere near enough!

I skipped lots of meals as I was too excited to get back to the conference – however, I made [Read more…]

We’re at the Seaside :)

Hey Cosmo, I really think Mum wants us to look the same way buddy!! :)

Last weekend was SO much fun!!  My Buddy Cosmo came to stay :)

Mum and Dad decided to take us to see the Sea – Cosmo and I hadn’t been in the car together before, but we were very [Read more…]

Monday Mischief Master Class – A Beardie with Rainbow Hair

Jeepers Cosmo, what did you do?!  That's funny!!  (Not sure about the Pink though!!) :)

This Mischief even shocked me and I didn’t think I could be shocked!!

For Mother’s Day my buddy Cosmo, who lives next door, decided he was going to dye his hair!!

He may have been slow to get going with Mischief, but he’s sure making up for lost time!!

Last Sunday this card turned up for my [Read more…]

Snoopy goes back to his Day Job

Hey Snoopy, weren't you up there yesterday buddy?!

I haven’t been on any Therapy Dog visits in a few weeks now as Mum was away.

I could have gone last Friday, but Mum had just got back and she said I was looking too scruffy!!  Doh!!  I thought I looked fine….. :)

On Friday AND Saturday Mum had me on the grooming table for 1 to 2 hours each time,  getting me ship [Read more…]

Poof!! And they were gone….


It all happened suddenly….. I thought I was just going to play with my buddy Cosmo for a little bit and then I noticed my bed AND my food were there and they didn’t come back to collect me…. I wondered why Mum wouldn’t stop hugging me?  In front of Cosmo too!!

But Mum and Dad did send me a postcard – Yay!!  They haven’t forgotten me….

Apparently they’ve gone to attend the Rotary International Conference and I [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Cosmo made it!! Woohoo!!

Cosmo - I'm so proud of you - you fellow Mischief Maker!!  I'm not surprised you're grinning buddy - that's some good Mischief!! :)

Yay – I’ve got something really important to tell you today – and I think it’s actually pretty funny!!

First though, I have to apologise to my buddy Cosmo who lives next door – last week I was complaining that he wasn’t getting the hang of Mischief, but it turns out he’s been up to some pretty good Mischief – Yay – Cosmo is a [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Rule no. 13 – Some pretty good Mischief! :)

Sure Mum you can have your sock back - if you can catch me!!  Tee Hee

I have a very important rule of Mischief to share with you today in my Mischief Master Class :)


I’m trying really hard to train Cosmo in the ‘Art’ of Mischief – but I have to tell you, it’s quite a struggle – he’s a bit of a Goody Two Shoes – but I won’t give up on him and I can’t worry that he’s making me look [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – April Fool

I'm glad this isn't permanent!! :)

Woohoo!!  Today is April Fool’s Day – I’ve been thinking really hard about how I was going to fool Mum and Dad.  You know, cos I like to cause Mischief and being a clown is always fun…..

I thought about the film over the toilet seat, but that got really tricky without thumbs so I abandoned [Read more…]

Bring me Sunshine

Before a run in the rain shot…..

First I should explain – we live in California so we don’t get much rain, this Winter/Spring we’ve had virtually no rain…..

However, the last few weeks we’ve had a little rain and it’s reminded Mum why she’s so glad we live in California……

I think we may get 1 or 2 more days of rain and then Mum’s hoping it’s Sun, Sun, Sun after that…. :)

Me?  I don’t care, I like [Read more…]

Cosmo Peed on My Head !!

Cosmo, if you don't stop pulling silly faces Mum will never get the towel out and stop taking pictures!!

For anyone who’s new to my Blog – Cosmo is my Bearded Collie buddy from next door – we’re best buddies – well I think he’s super cool, he ignores me a lot!  Doh!!

Anyway, he’s recently started to come running with Mum and I – she uses the split lead so she can manage us both.  After seeing us use this lead our friend Bassetmomma started to use it too for Freddie and Gloria – I think they should be aware of this potential [Read more…]

I don’t care if it’s raining!!

I'm not even gonna look at the Boots, so therefore they don't exist, right?!! :)

Yep, you read it correctly, we’ve actually got rain here in California!!  We haven’t had proper rain since………….. I dunno, pretty much about last Spring!!

I’m really happy as I like to splash in the Muddy Puddles – ooops, did I say Muddy?  Tee Hee

Mum is less happy because even though she knows we need rain she much prefers Sunshine!!  Oh [Read more…]

I can Beat you!!

No way Mum, there's no chance I'm gonna let Cosmo win!!

Ok, so I’m a little competitive!!  I don’t like anyone or anything to beat me when I’m out running – Mum isn’t really much of a challenge, I think I can beat her any day if I want to!!  Tee Hee

But guess what, I’ve just got a new running mate – and I’m sure not gonna let him beat me!!

That’s right, Cosmo (my buddy from next door) is now coming running with us – He [Read more…]