Great PetSmart Halloween Sweepstake – Have you got your Halloween Costume?

The first year I really wasn't sure if I wanted to join in?

I know, Summer is barely finishing, but in our house Dad especially is always eagerly anticipating Halloween!! It’s his favorite holiday of the year….

I’ve dressed up so far for both of the Halloween’s I’ve been [Read more…]

I WAS Yoda!!

Tah Dah!!  What do you think?

I was unsure as to whether I was going to join in with the ‘costume thing’ for Halloween, but everyone else was dressed up and when Mum got my costume out I couldn’t resist – I was really excited – in fact, I kept it on all night and [Read more…]

Shall I wear a Yoda Costume for Halloween?

Mum, just cos I can physically get into doesn't mean I look good in it!

Yep, you read it correctly!  They’ve got me a Yoda Costume to wear for Halloween!  The kids are very excited and have also got Star Wars costumes – I’m still deciding whether I’m going to wear mine or not……

Mum hasn’t tried it on me yet, she thinks it’s best to just have one shot at getting me to wear it, I think she’s right!

They did try me in last years costume – did they forget I’ve [Read more…]