Can’t you just look cute?

I'm trying really hard to just lie here looking cute!  Dum de dum….. It's kinda boring - sigh! :)

Mum loves my mischief, I know she does cos I see her trying not to laugh, as she’s photographing me.

However, sometimes she says “I’m a little busy for mischief Snoops, can’t you just lie there and look cute for a minute?”  Huh?  No mischief?  Well, I’ll [Read more…]

Santa, are you missing an Elf?

"Help Me Snoop!"  - See how ridiculous I look?!

Oh boy it’s a busy week.  We’re doing lots of therapy visits this week and I’m being all festive and wearing my tinsel clip.  I managed to break it the other day, but Mum said not to worry she’s got 3 spare ones – doh!!

On Wednesday, I did a visit with my buddy Gracie, she’s so much fun, we have play dates together and we always get to have a play in the parking lot before we go in :)

She shocked me though, she came dressed up as, wait for it….. [Read more…]

Can I go to Blogpaws? :)

Please can I go Mum, I'll be good! :)

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Blogpaws it’s -

“the first online pet community to establish an offline social media marketing conference bringing together brands and bloggers [Read more…]