Santa, are you missing an Elf?

"Help Me Snoop!"  - See how ridiculous I look?!

Oh boy it’s a busy week.  We’re doing lots of therapy visits this week and I’m being all festive and wearing my tinsel clip.  I managed to break it the other day, but Mum said not to worry she’s got 3 spare ones – doh!!

On Wednesday, I did a visit with my buddy Gracie, she’s so much fun, we have play dates together and we always get to have a play in the parking lot before we go in :)

She shocked me though, she came dressed up as, wait for it….. [Read more…]

Santa’s Little Helper!! I think not……

You want me to wear this Elf Hat?  Have you lost your mind Mum?

Mum never ceases to amaze me with her crazy ideas!!!  The other day she thought I’d like to dress up as an Elf and be Santa’s Little Helper – Oh yes, she was serious…..!!  If Mum wants me to dress up as something else I’ll [Read more…]