Great PetSmart Halloween Sweepstake – Have you got your Halloween Costume?

The first year I really wasn't sure if I wanted to join in?

I know, Summer is barely finishing, but in our house Dad especially is always eagerly anticipating Halloween!! It’s his favorite holiday of the year….

I’ve dressed up so far for both of the Halloween’s I’ve been [Read more…]

Dogs Rock, Right?! GIVEAWAY!! – Cool Bret Michaels Gear AND $$$ PetSmart Gift Cards!! What will you buy?

This is the Bandana/Ball Combo!! :)

Hey Everyone, we all know Dogs Rock, Right?!  Today I’m going to be hosting an awesome Giveaway!!

Whilst I was at Blogpaws I got to test out the new Bret Michaels Dog Gear range that PetSmart has just launched – Yay, no more Girlie stuff for me!!  Tee [Read more…]

Custom Handmade Dog Collar and Lead Giveaway

How long do I have to stay like this Mum?

Ever wanted to have a really special, Handmade, Dog Collar and Matching Lead?  Maybe in your favorite team colors?  For FREE?!

Today I’m hosting a Giveaway for just that, I was going to do this before Blogpaws, but got a little busy….

Candy Smith from Sweetkeeps contacted me a little while back to see if I’d be interested in this [Read more…]