I’m loving being a Therapy Dog :)

I'm usually pretty tired when we finish - it's hard work getting so much attention you know!!  Tee Hee

Wow!!  This week is a crazy busy week – With 3 Therapy visits this week !!

Some visits are just once a month and others are every other week, but it works out that this week is super hectic!

On Tuesday I did my first visit to a Nursing Home – there were lots more wheelchairs around and all kinds of equipment and [Read more…]

Gracie’s no push over!!

Snoopy, what are you doing?  Of course I didn't bring the Cats silly!!

So despite me pretty much ignoring Gracie on our last play date, she kindly came over to my house the other day for another play date!!  Yay!!

After a few minutes of play in the garden I suddenly smelt her CAT friends – hey, where are they?  Did you bring them too?  Are they in the house?  Mum had to show me they weren’t in the house and I could just smell them from Gracie’s lead and I should [Read more…]

You win Mum!

Ok Mum, you win!!  Pleeease do my hair, I have to look good for Gracie!

Sometimes I like to win, ok, maybe it’s lots of times!  Tee Hee

I know it makes lots of sense to have a hair clip in my hair, let’s face it I can’t see much without it, so I just have to put up with being called a girl!!  Doh!

BUT it’s fun to mess around when Mum tries to fix my clip – Tee Hee ………. unfortunately Mum’s trying a new strategy and just says ‘Ok Snoopy, if you don’t want it in that’s fine!”  and then just walks away – that’s not how this game should go, she’s supposed to keep trying while I [Read more…]

My Play date with Gracie didn’t go quite how we imagined!!

Look!  Look Gracie!!  It's a CAT!!

I mentioned on Friday that I was super excited to be having a play date with my new friend Gracie – woohoo!!  Mum even groomed me especially (Mum says I have to look my best for the girls!)

We went over to Gracie’s house and we did the usual excited greeting, we were let off our leads – then the fun really started!!!

I had no idea that Gracie lived with CATS!!  She’s got her very own Cat friends – I’ve so wanted to play with a Cat, was this finally [Read more…]

Can I be a Therapy Dog?

Yay, I'm off to find out about being a Therapy Dog - and play with Gracie! :)

As some of you know I’ve wanted to be a Therapy Dog for as long as I can remember.  I love to make people smile and it would be cool to visit people who can’t get out and about so much.

Mum thought I was a little young before and then we had our hectic, fun summer, so it was kind of put to one side.

During the summer though, Mum and I met a lady and her Dog Gracie at the park and she was telling us about a local group  she’s [Read more…]