Me after a Big Haircut!!

How cute is Clowie?

I’ve often, well occasionally, wondered what I’d look like if I had my long flowing locks cut!

I didn’t have to wonder any more.  I took my Mum to Petsmart the other day and we bumped into a very cute Polish Lowland SheepDog who looked like me, but with [Read more…]

Snoopy’s Summer haircut

I'm feeling a little chilly!!

I’m feeling a little confused today……and quite chilly.  Mum said that as the temperature this week has already been in the 80s she and Dad had decided it would be best for me to have a Summer haircut.  Nobody asked me what I thought about this plan….

I know it gets really hot here (over 100F) in the Summer and I didn’t like it last year.  That was when I even had much shorter fur.  Really though, I think it [Read more…]