Monday Mischief – One Dog Lost Two Dogs Found!!

Hey Cosmo - You look that way and I'll look over here...

Luckily I’ve never been lost – but I can imagine it’s pretty scary both for any Dog that’s got lost or for their family who can’t find them….

Mum and I have somehow found probably close to 10 Dogs in the last 2 years – and most of the time they’ve had their telephone number on their collar and we’ve been able to get them back home!  Yay :)

The other week Mum, Cosmo and I set off for a walk when we were stopped by a lady in a car – she asked if we’d seen her young Black Lab Mix Dog named Oscar.  We hadn’t but took down her number and told her we’d look out for him….

Hey Cosmo – You look that way and I’ll look over here…


We carried on to the Park, but somehow Mum thought we needed to include in our walk today the new houses at the far part of our development as that’s where Oscar would be – weird, right?  Cosmo and I didn’t argue, we just went along with her hunch.

Mum, we’re still looking out for the lost dog


About 40 minutes later we were there and some people were outside their houses trying to get the attention of a Lab, however, it definitely looked more Chocolate Brown than Black.

Mum asked if it was lost and they said it was, but they couldn’t get close to it as it was scared, they’d even tried treats – Mum said it may come up to us as we passed because Cosmo and I were there and true enough it came bounding over….

It wouldn’t let Mum touch it’s collar, so we just hung out for a while and eventually it was comfortable enough for Mum to hold it’s collar.

Unfortunately there was no name or number or tags – but one of the neighbors went and got a lead from their house.

Hey Buddy – Don’t worry, we’ll help you find your family :)


Mum called the lady from earlier and she’d just found her Dog Oscar, so this was definitely a different one that we’d found – the neighbors took the Dog in and gave him some water.

We found out later that the Chocolate Lab had been re-united with it’s family after some asking around.  It’s a new neighborhood, so most people don’t know each other or their Dogs yet….

We were very happy that both of these Dogs who decided to go off and explore and find some Mischief in the neighborhood managed to stay safe and get back home :)

We love a happy ending :)

Have you ever got out and gone looking for Mischief and got lost?


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