Yay - Can I read it now Mum? :)

Woohoo!!  I’m beyond excited!!  I finally got the paperback version of Mischief Master Class also up for sale on Amazon.  On Friday I had to wait in all afternoon for the UPS man to deliver the proof copy and boy was I excited to get my paws on [Read more…]

Struck by the Sunbeam – And Book Update! :)

sunbeam bearded collie dog

Sorry Mum – I can’t come and help you right now!! I’ve been struck by the Sunbeam and can’t get [Read more…]

Mischief Master Class Book Update and something cool on Thursday :)

I had to jump onto the bed to get this little cushion!!  Tee Hee

Oh Boy have I been busy!!

I’ve had a super hectic Summer and in between having fun I’ve been working really hard with Mum on the Mischief Master Class Book – I thought now would be a good time to let you know how we’re getting along…..

Oh and by the way, I’ve even managed to fit in a little Mischief this week, cos there’s always time for [Read more…]

Mischief Master Class Book – Want to be in the Book? Calling all Mischief Makers!!

Mischief Master Class Book - snoopysdogblog

I’ve discovered there are lots of us Mischief Makers out there – so let’s bring our Mischief skills to the masses!! :)

I’m writing a book all about Mischief and I’d love to include some of my other fellow Mischief Makers – we’ve already got some Mischief Makers interested in participating, but you can [Read more…]