Monday Mischief – I hope I’m right!

I so hope Santa will visit our house too and leave some gifts - I did try to be good!! :

I’ve been saying for a little while now that Santa doesn’t count Mischief when he’s deciding if you’ve been good enough to get some gifts at Christmas.

I sure hope I’m right, cos I’ve been up to quite a lot of Mischief this [Read more…]

Monday Mischief Master Class – Don’t be Shy to ask for What You Want! :)

Mum, I'm not trying to look cute, I'm being assertive!! Doh!!

I think sometimes humans are confusing, it’s hard to know what they really want?

Therefore, it’s important that we animals set a good example – let’s make sure there’s no [Read more…]

Don’t Cry Mum! When Mischief goes wrong…..

Mum says the look on my face was even sweeter and cuter than this one!! :)

When Mischief goes wrong -

I needed to get Mum’s attention the other morning as I wanted to go for our run.

I decided to steal something from the bedroom and run past the office with it – it worked, she [Read more…]

A Unique Fathers Day Gift – and a little Monday Mischief!! :)

Yay - Dad got 3rd!!  He let me help him collect his Trophy - Boys Together!! :)

On Saturday one of the local animal shelters hosted a Wag ‘N’ Walk – we did it for the first time last year – just have to mention I was the first Dog over the line last year!! Tee Hee

It’s not supposed to be a race for the Dogs, just the humans, in fact us Dogs are ‘supposed’ to walk – come on, I run every day and when I saw Dad running off into the distance I was in hot pursuit!! I couldn’t resist a little [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – New Year, New Me?!

Well, she did say Mischief was ok!!  Tee Hee

I considered long and hard what I should change and if I should make a list of New Years Resolutions!  Should I cut out the Mischief?

I’ve finally come to a conclusion, which I guess is a good thing as it’s now the New Year!!

I think I’m gonna stay just the way I am – I think Mum would miss all my Mischief, right?!  Tee Hee

Plus, Mum always tells me she loves me just [Read more…]

No Mischief !!

It was so hard not to play with the tree, but well worth it cos Santa came and brought me lots of cool things!!  Yay! :)

We thought we’d have a break from Mischief during the holidays – believe me it’s really not easy for me!!

I hope you’re all having lots of fun!!

Don’t worry, normal [Read more…]

The Picture of Innocence

So sweet and innocent!!  Tee Hee

I’m such a sweet, innocent puppy so I don’t understand how I sometimes get into trouble!!  I think maybe I get framed?!  Tee Hee

I mean, take a look at my face, do I look like a [Read more…]