Monday Mischief – Start how you mean to go on!

Ok, how about we do a deal?  You find me a proper hair clip now that Christmas is over and I'll give you your slipper back?

How’s your New Year Starting off?  Mine’s getting off to a great start, I’m already working hard on new mischief!

The moment I got home from my stay cation next door with Cosmo I was busy.  So busy Mum hadn’t even had time to put my bed back in place.  I always like to take my goodies that I’ve stolen found into my bed, so I just went to [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – New Year, New Me?!

Well, she did say Mischief was ok!!  Tee Hee

I considered long and hard what I should change and if I should make a list of New Years Resolutions!  Should I cut out the Mischief?

I’ve finally come to a conclusion, which I guess is a good thing as it’s now the New Year!!

I think I’m gonna stay just the way I am – I think Mum would miss all my Mischief, right?!  Tee Hee

Plus, Mum always tells me she loves me just [Read more…]

Snoopy celebrates the New Year 2011 – well kind of……

Even the excitement of Star Wars couldn't keep me up to see in the New Year!!

I’d been looking forward to the New Year celebrations all day, I’d even had to have a looooong grooming session because of the impending New Year.  Sometimes, though, I think I forget (as does mum), that I’m only 8 months old and the excitement of certain events can be a little too much……

New Years Eve was no exception to this.  Our friends came over to help us celebrate and the boys all wanted a Star Wars Marathon.  Being one of the boys, I decided to see what Star Wars was all about.  Maybe it will grow on me in time, but by movie [Read more…]

Snoopy’s top 5 special moments from 2010

I'm feeling all grown up now.....I wasn't so big earlier this year....

So apparently it’s nearly time to start a New Year, it’s going to be 2011.  This seemed like a good time to look back at 2010 and think about some of my favourite moments……the time has just flown by, I guess that’s because I’ve had so much [Read more…]