Great PetSmart Halloween Sweepstake – Have you got your Halloween Costume?

The first year I really wasn't sure if I wanted to join in?

I know, Summer is barely finishing, but in our house Dad especially is always eagerly anticipating Halloween!! It’s his favorite holiday of the year….

I’ve dressed up so far for both of the Halloween’s I’ve been [Read more…]

Bret Michaels Dog Bed Sweepstake

I think it suits me? :)

Yep, you read it right -

Today I’m launching a Sweepstake to win a fab Dog Bed from the Bret Michaels range at PetSmart -

(Yeah, I suppose you Kitties could use it too – If you think you’re cool enough – Tee Hee!) :)

Trust me, if I hadn’t recently got a new bed I’d have been keeping this one myself – Tee [Read more…]

Dogs Rock, Right?! GIVEAWAY!! – Cool Bret Michaels Gear AND $$$ PetSmart Gift Cards!! What will you buy?

This is the Bandana/Ball Combo!! :)

Hey Everyone, we all know Dogs Rock, Right?!  Today I’m going to be hosting an awesome Giveaway!!

Whilst I was at Blogpaws I got to test out the new Bret Michaels Dog Gear range that PetSmart has just launched – Yay, no more Girlie stuff for me!!  Tee [Read more…]

Monday Mischief at Blogpaws!!

Huh?  You want me to sit all nicely?!  :)

I’m heading back home now after an amazing and exhausting few days in Salt Lake City for the Blogpaws conference …..

It’s been non-stop for Mum and I – I think we need a [Read more…]

A Dog Bed that Loves Dirty Dogs!!

Hey Cory, what are you doing with MY NEW BED?!

It’s official!!  There’s no need for us pups to take so many Baths anymore!!  Tee Hee

All Dog Beds are built equal, right?!  Well, apparently not!! This bed that I found at PetSmart has a Special Feature!!


It arrived at the end of last week and I’ve been trying it out…

I chose the Brown one (actually Mum did, I didn’t really care!) – they come in 5 different [Read more…]

Finally!! I get to Choose a New Dog Bed!!

oooh - this one has nice edges I can snuggle into - Hmmmm?  Decisions, Decisions…..

I’ve been asking Mum for a new bed for ages now, as my old one got a little small – FINALLY, she’s listening to me!! :)

Mum decided now would be a great time to review a Dog Bed and the very kind people at PetSmart said I could choose one of theirs!!  Woohoo!!

There was no stopping me, I was in the car and off to the store in a flash!!

I decided to try some out as there were so many – I felt a bit like Goldilocks!! [Read more…]

Can I go to Blogpaws? :)

Please can I go Mum, I'll be good! :)

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Blogpaws it’s -

“the first online pet community to establish an offline social media marketing conference bringing together brands and bloggers [Read more…]

Monday Mischief – Big News and Bunny Ears?

Yay - No Bunny Ears for Me!! :)

I had some great Mischief to tell you about that I’d been up to this week – but I’m gonna have to tell you next week as I’ve got some Great News to tell you…..

This great news also means I get out of wearing the Bunny Ears Mum had lined up for today – phew!!

Hold on, what’s going [Read more…]

Where’s MY certificate? Huh?!

This is Whistler and I before we went in, he's with his Mum, he also lives with my buddy Gracie - he's a really chilled out Borzoi Dog, I really like him!! :)

In order to be a Therapy Dog I had to have an assessment from my Vet as well as have a 90 minute test by the Animal Behaviorist.  You’ve probably already read that they even had a Cat in the room to try and distract me – no easy task, huh?

So I was all excited the other day when the mail man came and delivered a package….

It had inside Pet Assisted Therapy Certificates – there were 2 of them – 1 for Mum and 1 for [Read more…]