A New Puppy For The Holidays?

Mum, I know he's not real you know!!

I’m an only Dog!  Sometimes I wish I had a buddy 24/7, or someone to blame the Mischief on?  Tee Hee – Mum says I’d also have to share the treats, hmmmm, not so good?!

Anyway, I considered putting a new puppy on [Read more…]

Snoopy’s great escape…..

Why does mum think I can't be trusted?

Mum is always really careful to ensure that the whole family shut the doors and the gate so I can’t escape.  I don’t know what she thinks I’d do or where I’d go, but she really doesn’t want to find out…..doh!

Well, that is until she slipped up this weekend.  Luckily, I was ready and knew it was one of the few chances I would get to escape and I went for it.

The entrance to the garage has two doors and mum usually makes me wait by the first one and shuts that before she even opens the second one.  Yep, it makes it kinda difficult to escape.  This time though, she thought she’d shut the first door and I was waiting patiently for her to come back.  She was only grabbing her running shoes so we could go for a run, so I didn’t have long.  I saw a bright light through the open crack in the door and realised that the garage door was open.  I made a mighty dash [Read more…]

I’m off to the Cow Palace…..

This is one of my favourite pictures with my Dad :)

It’s nearly time for another Dog Show!!  Woohoo!!  I get another chance to show off……as you’ve probably guessed, I love to show off…..tee hee…..:)  This show is in San Francisco at a place called the Cow Palace, I’m very curious as to why it’s called the Cow Palace?  I haven’t been to San Francisco before so I’m very excited!

This show is different in a couple of ways……

The first thing that’s different about this show is that Dad is going to show me…..Mum’s taking a break, I think she’ll be on grooming and camera duty!  It’s going to be a boys event this time, just me and Dad in the ring…..:)  We’d better practice a [Read more…]

The results are in………!!

I was cute enough after all!!! :)

If you recall, a couple of days ago I told you about a cutewar I’d been challenged to……..well actually, two of them, the first was already won before I realised (against Bear the Cat).  The second was a challenge from [Read more…]

Snoopy’s top 5 special moments from 2010

I'm feeling all grown up now.....I wasn't so big earlier this year....

So apparently it’s nearly time to start a New Year, it’s going to be 2011.  This seemed like a good time to look back at 2010 and think about some of my favourite moments……the time has just flown by, I guess that’s because I’ve had so much [Read more…]

Snoopy the Dentist

Dinosaur, it's time to grow up, you don't need those baby teeth anymore....here, let me help you....

Baby teeth, they’re just for babies…..I lost mine ages ago! I don’t understand why Dinosaur has still got his?  You’ve probably noticed I’ve got a lot of Dinosaur toys, that’s because Cory likes them and I get all his old toys…. I thought Dinosaurs were really old…….time to [Read more…]

I don’t think I need this Dog Crate anymore…..

I don't think I need to be behind bars anymore.....:)

Do I really still need a Dog Crate?

I think I’m done with this Dog Crate, I believe some dogs like crates and think they’re like a cave, well not me!……When I have to go in the crate I’m pretty good, but that doesn’t mean I like it…..Mum still has to lure me in there with a treat…..

So far, my plan is working and I’m slowly convincing Mum and Dad I don’t need it, I don’t have to sleep in it at night now, I also now get to [Read more…]