Monday Mischief – I hope I’m right!

I so hope Santa will visit our house too and leave some gifts - I did try to be good!! :

I’ve been saying for a little while now that Santa doesn’t count Mischief when he’s deciding if you’ve been good enough to get some gifts at Christmas.

I sure hope I’m right, cos I’ve been up to quite a lot of Mischief this [Read more…]

Santa, are you missing an Elf?

"Help Me Snoop!"  - See how ridiculous I look?!

Oh boy it’s a busy week.  We’re doing lots of therapy visits this week and I’m being all festive and wearing my tinsel clip.  I managed to break it the other day, but Mum said not to worry she’s got 3 spare ones – doh!!

On Wednesday, I did a visit with my buddy Gracie, she’s so much fun, we have play dates together and we always get to have a play in the parking lot before we go in :)

She shocked me though, she came dressed up as, wait for it….. [Read more…]

Twas the night before Christmas ……

Yep, Mum made me try on a silly Santa hat in the pet store weeks ago, I managed to shake it off! :)

Twas the night before Christmas……..what?  The night before Christmas?  The day I’ve been waiting to arrive for weeks!!  Yippee, it’s finally here, oh, but hold on……we’re not ready…….I know we’re not ready as I’ve read the poem……

Shouldn’t the stockings be hanging by the chimney with care?  Well, ok…….I put my hands up to this one (ok my paws!)……I know they were hanging up at the chimney [Read more…]

Letter to Santa…..

Special delivery for Santa

Hi there Santa,

As I’m sure you know this is my first Xmas Santa and apparently I need to write a letter to you…..just as well I can type :)

Cory is writing his letter as well, but it seems Carly is too old?  Do you just do it through telepathy once you become a teenager?  I’m puzzled…..

Anyway, I believe it’s important to tell you [Read more…]